lørdag 22. juni 2013

“Why Do You Think You Incarnated At This Time”–Grandmothers June Message

“You need a nudge to get you to dive deeper within yourself,” the Grandmothers said, “to tap you into the core of your being. We see you and notice that the world is distracting you. This distraction will lead you nowhere,” they said. “You will go round in circles if you keep on paying attention to the world. You will become lost. We believe in you,” the Grandmothers said.

“We believe in you because we see what and who you are. And so we have come today to prod you to turn your awareness, not outward into the world, but inward. Step into your heart,”they said, “and call on us. We will never fail you.

“You are a great being,” the Grandmothers said, “and your taking birth at this time was not an accident. There is important work awaiting you. You are needed to pass on our Empowerment into the energy of Yin-to pass it to women and men, to young and old, to pass it to every race, faith and religion. Pass it on!” they cried.

“Work with the radiant Net of Light each day and teach others how to work with it too. Working with the Net is effortless,” the Grandmothers declared, “and it is the Net of Light that is holding your planet steady, holding it steady in spite of all the upheavals and tragedies occurring each day. Don’t get sucked in by these daily dramas,” they said, “but instead hold, hold, hold the Net of Light and observe as it holds you.

Each time you connect to the Net you become stronger and as you do, it too becomes stronger. Stronger, more expanded and brilliantly lit,” they said. “Your heart provides the wattage for the Net of Light and in turn the Net of Light provides peace, strength and fulfillment for you. And each time you connect with it, the Net provides these blessings not only for you, but for everything that lives.

“This is selfless work we are calling you to,” the Grandmothers said. “You were born for it. Why do you think you incarnated at this particular time? This is why,” they said. “You were born to love-to love and lift your planet. If you want to fulfill your destiny, call on us or on any form of the Divine you love and then step forward into this blessed work. Pass on our message of the return of the energy of Yin, the Feminine Principle of Creation, and then hold, hold, hold the Net of Light.

We ask you to do this for yourself and for everything that lives. This work is not difficult, but it requires a willing heart,” the Grandmothers said. “Call on us, move into your heart and then think of the Net of Light. This will automatically connect you to the radiant Net that surrounds, lifts and infuses your planet, that cradles every part of it in light. That cradles you in light. We bless and thank you for your willing heart,” they said.    

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