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Suzanne Lie - TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012 "The Quest"

Suzanne Lie  -  TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012  "The Quest"

Dear Internet friends!

"I will be on retreat until the first week in August. I am going on a Quest, so to speak. We are going into the Lemurian lands from Mt Shasta and into Washington.

In the form of a true Quest, we have made no reservations and do no know exactly where we are going. In other words, we (my husband an myself) are going into Nature to BE with the Mother. We will simply BE where we ARE and follow the NOW of where we are going.

Much like our ascension process, we will only know what to do next by tuning in to what we are doing right NOW. We will only DO what we LOVE to DO and stay where it is beautiful and filled with love. At least that is our plan. As you all know by now, ascension is also filled with many surprises. We will meet those surprised within the NOW.

In closing my brief message (as you know, brief messages from me are very rare), I will now share a message I got from the Arcturians on 7-6-12:

Beloved Arcturians,
Thank you for assisting me. I am honored to be led by you, and at the same time, I am hearing that I am leading WITH you. Can you assist me to understand that message?

Dear Suzille,
We are here with “in” you NOW. We realize what a leap of faith it is for our ascending ones to believe that we are real. At the same time, we realize that many of you have ALWAYS known that we are real, but are comforted to find whatever serves you as proof.

Fortunately, now there are so many ascending ones receiving and sharing our messages that are saying similar things at the same “time.” This, also, serves as proof.  You all know that you got your information, not from another, but from within.

Furthermore, so many of you do no not know each other and have very little in common except that you are all receiving the same messages. This synchronicity is because you are all connection with the ONE. Therefore, the hearts of your messages are the same, but the manners in which the messages are presented have myriad versions.

Glorious Gaia has given refuge to many different signature frequencies of human expression. And, just as Gaia has many different expression of Nature on Her Earth body, humans have many different expressions of creativity within the ONE of humanity.

We congratulate our humans for finding and developing such a vast array of personal, familial, social and planetary creative expression.

As you continue to understand and express your creative force, you will connect with your Elohim Ancestry.  Elohim are the builders and holders of form. As Elohim, such as we Arcturians are, you will manage the process of creating your new reality by the “chain of materialization” of:
Elohim – Deva—Elemental—Elements—Etheric Form—Thoughts/Emotions

The Elohim collects the Divine Ideal from the ONE
And sends it to a Deva who maintains the Divine Blueprint
For the Elementals to pass on to
The four elements to create the
Etheric Format upon which your
Thoughts and Emotions are adhered to
Create form within the reality of your choice

It does not matter what others know, say or teach. What is important is your own ability to go inside to hear and listen to the Voice of the ONE. This Voice is beyond words, tones or even sound. The Voice of the ONE is the pure potential that offers you the ability to open the 2-way Portal of communication with the ONE.

As you return into the higher expressions of your SELF, your Multidimensional SELF extends more and more of its beingness into the higher dimensions that were formerly lost to you in the illusions of time and space.

The time of your Return is NOW
The space from which you will Return is HERE

If you can calibrate your thoughts and emotions into the NOW…
If you can connect with the Earth HERE…
You will step out of time and into the NOW where everything happens at ONCE
Without sequence
Without hierarchy
Without polarity
Without fear
This HERE and NOW is to be created in the light of day for all to see!

That, which is important is not ruled by “others” or even by your self.
Unconditional LOVE is that which is important and LOVE has NO ruler."

The Arcturians"

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