mandag 2. juli 2012

Blossom Goodchild - July 2, 2012

"Good day to you my friends. I have booked this time in with myself to speak with you, yet not sure if it will happen.  My minds in a bit of a whirl and it may be more appropriate to speak tomorrow … for some reason.  Anyway … Here I am … question is … are you there?

It, as always is of much joy to be present with you and to share our moments of insight with you and those who care to take them on board also.

So, upon your planet at this time there is much speculation with every passing tick of the clock as to whether or not the ‘showdown’ is to begin. We speak regarding the common displacement* of those who have surrendered their Being to that which does not serve themselves or indeed the whole. Those among you who lost their path … or may we say also … those that followed it. For as we have stated before … not all is as it seems and you may be very surprised  … as Truth is revealed …  to discover some differences of opinion you may have once thought … and when brought out in the open … certain matters will indeed have you changing your mind.

 A lot of us got excited when you spoke last time about the second half of the year about to begin. Inside of me is that familiar rumbling that says ‘something is afoot’. We once again find ourselves on the edge of our seats. We are as always holding on to our hats, yet there is only a gentle breeze as opposed to a hurricane passing through.

Yet how is a hurricane first felt? The breeze becomes stronger and stronger … the wind picks up and gathers momentum. The core of the hurricane maybe far away to begin with … yet does a gale not begin to blow?  

Dearest ones … our friends … within these changing times it is of vital importance to ‘keep your wits about you’. Do what makes sense TO YOU! Do not follow like sheep the immediate reaction of those who would care to dupe."    forts.

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