torsdag 12. juli 2012

En liten advarsel ...

Message from the Pleiadians
Channeler:  Mizrah 12 July 2012

"We would like to speak with you today about something that we see occurring within many of the LightWorker/Starseed community, something that is distracting and drawing many away from their higher purpose and mission.

On so many of your internet sites there appears to be an almost 'tunnel vision' focus on what has become known in your world as the 'criminal cabal' element, the imminent arrests of bankers, cabal/illuminati members, when or if these arrests will or will not happen, whether your star/galactic brothers and sisters are or are not going to intervene on humanity's behalf.

We see much dissemination of lower vibrational energies being broadcast worldwide intentionally designed to create diversion and division. We see members of the Lightworker/Starseed community becoming involved in negative commentary, with fear and despair creeping into the energy fields of many, with a dimming of the light energy field within many.

With the greatest of loving respect we would ask LightWorkers and Starseeds to once again re-focus their light and thoughts to their higher purpose; to each, in their own unique way, honour their commitment to assist Sacred Mother Earth and humanity raise their vibrational level in preparation for the transition to the 5th Dimension, for ascension.

The time is now, it is critical and you are needed. Take a moment to balance self, call out to your Guides, Angels, Masters, Galactic Light Family to bring you back to a point of stillness and purpose within, practice your discernment and remember what you came here to do together in loving unity consciousness."

In loving rememberance

We are The Pleiadians
Ash-a-nay   Mizrah

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