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Saul: You Are Not of Your Beliefs; You Are Infinitely More

Saul:  You Are Not of Your Beliefs; You Are Infinitely More
As Channeled by John Smallman - July 8, 2012

"All are One. There is no separation because all that exists has its existence within our heavenly Father.

And, as many have intuited, Father is a very limiting concept with which to attempt to describe, let alone define, God – Father-Mother-God, the Creator, Love, the divine Unity, the infinite Inspiration from which all life receives its existence in every moment – as, indeed, are these other supposedly more all-encompassing terms.

Obviously, you do need words to communicate with one another while you remain enclosed within the veil of the illusion, but, like the illusion itself, words are wholly inadequate tools with which to attempt to describe the indescribable.

You do your best with them, and they can be very helpful, but do not get intoxicated with definitions of the indefinable. Differing understandings of the meaning of words used to express the idea of God have led to war far too many times for you not to understand how limiting and divisive they can be. And that divisiveness continues in your everyday lives from personal interactions through to international governmental ones.

Words are intellectual tools, and when understood in those terms they are very useful, but when emotional charges and disingenuous meanings are added to them they can have lethal consequences. Words become beliefs over which people will fight – beliefs that words themselves can never adequately encompass. They are often heartfelt, and so have enormous power over those who hold to them to the extent that they identify personally with those beliefs and will defend them with their lives – and indeed with the lives of others!

Every human is imbued with beliefs – familial, cultural, religious, political, nationalistic, to name just a few – and many of them are so deeply embedded that their owners are unaware that they are but beliefs! They are frequently considered to be obvious and rational truths, so that when people of different persuasions disagree, the results of those disagreements can lead to great suffering for many, as the power of life is used in an unloving and destructive fashion."    forts.

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