tirsdag 3. juli 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/3/12 ‘The Return Path Home’

‘The Return Path Home’
We are the Galactic Federation of Light 
As channeled through Greg Giles

"The Ashtar Command is a another of the galactic commands that are also here and working with us, the Galactic Federation of Light, in service to our Creator and to you, the people of Earth. We have worked before with the Ashtar Command and much has been learned through our association with them and their devoted and experienced team members. You will also be introduced to their command just as you will be introduced to our command in the days ahead. There will be several introduction ceremonies, if you will, and it will be through these ceremonial displays that you will learn first-hand who it is that has been sharing these messages with you as well as who has been orchestrating many of the events of your world from behind the curtains.  

We wish you to know now and to please keep this in mind, that we are not strangers to you. We did not come here bearing gifts for strangers. We know you, it could be said, just as well as you know yourselves, as we are your friends and your family and have been with you in spirit all throughout your journey here in the physical plane. We of the higher realms knew you well before you stepped through the door of incarnation, and we have been working with you on a virtual daily basis since that moment all those years ago. In this light, can you now understand how we know you so well? Can you understand how we are family in what could be considered an even closer relationship then many of your nuclear family members in your life at this time?  

We have been with you through the good times and through the bad times and we have seen you at your best and we have seen you at your worst, and we want you to know that we love you and care for you and watch over you no matter which peak, plateau or valley you find yourself in at any particular moment in time throughout your journey. We support you and your choices at all times, and we never interfere with your sacred right of free will and choice, instead, we work with you to help you learn lessons that will perhaps allow you to make a better choice the next time one avails itself to you."     forts.

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