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Checking In on Our Timelines

Checking In on Our Timelines

Checking In on Our Timelines
by Miles Simons

The evolution of our ascension/shift to a new reality and full consciousness is progressing in stages. The enormity of the task requires scores of earth allies to work behind the scenes. We must understand that this is not a rescue mission: the Galactic Federation is here, not to liberate, but to assist and mentor us. The innumerable delays clearly indicate how deeply entrenched and corrupt our 3D system is. To implement change on a scale of this magnitude takes time. The logistics are staggering!

Because the allies are of Earth, it’s inevitable that some of them will not be trustworthy. It’s as if we were a classroom full of unruly children and the GF was our teacher. Managing our class chaos takes time. Gradually, the ‘teacher’ identifies major problems, patiently altering and correcting misbehaviours and bad attitudes. Delays occur because there are always a few more class ‘outbreaks’ to tame: these are dealt with by removing the most stubborn students who refuse to fit in; then the ‘teacher’ can keep mentoring the rest until they understand their ‘lessons’ and become a more receptive group. Once the class is ready and fully focused, their real work can begin.

At the same time that the Galactic Federation helps us, we are helping ourselves. We must all work together. Those of us not connected directly with the Earth Allies can significantly help the cause by holding the energy. This is why live Webinars are so important.
During Live Webinars:

• Galactic Federation teams heighten the energy fields around our planet. 
• All Webinar attendees are immersed in a special energy field. 
• Galactic medical teams attend to each of us. 
• The Ascended Masters bring in Angelic joy. 
• Sheldan does not channel his message; during each Webinar he is directly linked to the Galactic Federation.

The galactic viewpoint is that first contact must occur at precisely the right moment, and will only manifest when all the preliminaries are complete. Although most of the preparation for announcements is in place, the last-minute details that complete the steps needed to bring about announcements – cabal arrests – abundance programs – disclosure and mentoring by the Galactic Federation – must be absolutely fail-safe. This is because the vast majority of Earth’s peoples remain unaware of the coming Shift, and the Galactic Federation and Earth Allies have to be extremely careful to avoid mass panic. Above all, changes must unfold peacefully.
Although directly linked to the Galactic Federation, Sheldan’s mission is only that of a messenger. When he speaks, he carefully avoids mixing in his own opinions. By keeping it pure, he keeps the message true without adding his own personal agenda. Sheldan is in a very awkward position because people may mistrust his unshakeable loyalty and devotion to the GF. In private conversations, Sheldan often confides to close friends his concerns and frustrations at the repeated delays: in that way, he is just like the rest of us. When he asks the GF when Announcement Day will come, they will not, and cannot, tell him. If he knew, he would not be safe.

Speaking from the heart, I have been working with the PAO since 1996. In all the years that I have known Sheldan, he has never wavered in his dedication to spreading the Galactic Federation’s message. Even though the GF are fully conscious beings, they are still learning about life and the tangled systems that control us here on earth. As Sheldan’s updates have revealed over the years, the GF have at times miscalculated our readiness for contact, leading us to believe they would arrive sooner than they were able. Obviously the GF have been dealing with a very stubborn cabal that will not be defeated easily, and adjustments to plans and timelines are inevitable.

Gaia is an extraordinarily complex planet. While most planets have just a single governmental system and only one religion, here, we have a multitude of governments, cultures, religions, etc., all of which must be unraveled and prepared prior to our reality/ascension Shift. As a whole, our Earth consists of people burdened with far too much baggage and, under ordinary circumstances; the GF could very easily have passed us by. Fortunately, this planet is part of a much bigger picture. Owing to Gaia’s status as a jewel in the galaxy, the GF and heaven have made a rare exception to help us. But it means that we still must go through the process, with all of its inherent delays, before we reach the Divine time for a Shift.

Unlike Sheldan, we do not have a direct link to the Galactics. To me, Sheldan is heroic because he refuses to let delays, personal attacks, or disinformation about his mission /message shatter his firmness of purpose. We are so fortunate that Sheldan has no ulterior motive: he does not use his connection with the GF to become famous, self-important or wealthy. As a person of discernment, I could not, and would not, continue to work with the PAO and Sheldan if I felt he were slick and self-serving. More importantly, I have read and been involved in other spiritual – scientific – religious movements that attempt to explain our past history and our futures. After a lifetime of searching, the Galactic Federation message is simply the only one that makes any sense to me, for humanity and for the future of this world. Is there anything else out there that is better? I haven’t found it: have you?

When I contemplate the sheer scope of this undertaking, I expect that the announcements for change will happen, suddenly, in an instant. When that moment comes, I, for one, will be ready!

Webmaster, PAO

Update for July 24, 2012

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