mandag 9. juli 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/9/12 ‘News Flash: Arrests in Full Swing’ As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/9/12   ‘News Flash:  Arrests in Full Swing’      As channeled through Greg Giles

"Ride like the wind now knowing that what has been hoped for so long by your people is now fully underway in size, scope and determination, and that this campaign to arrest all of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates and remove them from the halls of your society is now in full swing and will not slow and will not fail to garner you the results of your creative manifestation through your thoughts, intentions, words, acts and dreams. This is how it works, and this is how it has always worked here on your planet, no matter which dimension your planet resided in at any particular moment in time. 

It does not matter much which dimension you find yourself in at any particular moment as you always possess the ability to manifest whatever experience you wish for yourselves. This is important to always remember, as although there will be those departing this dimension for other dimensional destinations, those of you who are to remain here to continue your studies and experiences in the physical must realize that you too can and will experience just whatever it is you wish, and that what it is you do not wish to experience you do not have to, as nothing is forced upon you. Whatever it is that you create for yourself or yourselves is what you shall have, it is not any more complex than that. Do your best to always remember this no matter where the path for you up ahead may lead, and wherever it is you shall journey shall be a much more pleasurable, rewarding and consciously created experience for you.

It is now the time that these arrests of the members of your criminal cabal and their associates are broadcast through your major media outlets. These arrests are now in full swing, we are very pleased to report to you. What is needed is for the people of your world to take note of what is transpiring all around them. Your media outlets are a very important component of this entire operation, as it is important that as many as possible experience this event and understand that it is freedom from their oppressors that they are receiving in full bloom and blossom like a beautiful bouquet gifted to them from their Creator. We ask at this time that all and not some of the media outlets that we have had prior discussions with and have reached amicable partnerships with proceed now with what it is they expressed they would do if these arrests were to begin to manifest here in your world. For those of your media that are reading these words (and we know that there are many movers and shakers within your worldwide global media outlets who are following these words through our channels), we ask of you at this time to now do what it is you assured us you would do."

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