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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/8/12 'Star DNA' As channeled through Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/8/12 'Star DNA'

As channeled through Greg Giles

Her ligger det uante muligheter ... !

"Genetic auditors are seamless processors of DNA and related materials that harbor genetic infusions of the materials that will construct and create a living organism such as the human vessel. Each of you has these genetic markers within your DNA strands, and it is these markers that will decide for you the mold which your body will take shape within. These genetic traits differ, of course, from individual to individual, and these genetic markers are passed down not only through the generations of ancestral family, but are also passed down from the higher realms above you in some cases. These genetic precursors for some of you have been gifted of you from beings of the higher realms. Not all your DNA that you possess at this time has been inherited by you from your human birth parents. Some of the DNA that some of you possess has been infused into your human DNA to give you traits, abilities and a personality of something more, something greater if you will, than what you would have possessed without this interaction and infusion.

We would like at this time to begin programs where we will reintroduce, if you will, your real birth parents to you. Many of you have parents that exist within the higher realms, and it is these parents that have bestowed upon you some of this star DNA that you possess within your human strands of DNA. Your scientists of your world have identified these, what for them, are unidentifiable strands of coded messages and have concluded that it is unidentifiable and they have labeled it ‘junk’ DNA, although junk is not nearly what this valuable resource is to you. What they have labeled as junk is a treasure beyond measure. It is you your past, your memories of your past, the being that you truly are and the genetic markers of your universal heritage and ancestry. This code that runs deep within you is incredibly valuable to you at this time, as it is what is leading you back to who it is you truly are and where it is you come from.

The study of human DNA has bona fide virtue, successes, breakthroughs, and has achieved certain levels of understanding for your people, your scientists and your researchers, but we wish to say to you that your level of understanding of DNA and all its powers, abilities and processes are far beyond the current understandings of even your greatest, sharpest and most visionary minds of the human species on your planet. We would like to begin to roll out educational programs where those of you who wish to take the next steps and learn so much more of these sciences that they have studied can do so under the tutelage of some of our top scientific minds and teachers in these fields. The knowledge that is available through these programs is unlimited, and those of you who wish to participate in these programs and lectures can do so. There are no minimum requirements and naturally, there is never a monetary fee. Each and all of you who are interested in any of the programs that we offer are free to enjoy them, to learn from them and to share this information with others if they find it enlightening, interesting, knowledgeable, and worth their time and effort."    forts.

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