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Montague & Veronica Keen - July 1, 2012

Montague & Veronica Keen - July 1, 2012

Nothing is politically right that is morally wrong.
Abraham Lincoln

"Observe what your governments are up to. Find your voice: you do have one. Give reasons why it is not in the best interests of the majority to comply with their new demands. Governments should be answerable to the people, not the Cabal. There are many new 'laws' being secretly put in place, of which you are totally unaware. Until now, they have been very successful at hiding them from you. This can no longer happen. They are being exposed. They have no hiding place.

You did not expect the banking scandal, that has destroyed the lives of so many, to be exposed. Look carefully at the banks and those who support and defend them without regard to the suffering and hardship they are responsible for. They were never set up for the good of mankind. Look at those who run these banks. They all come from the same background. Just what is this telling you? It is a concerted effort to destroy life as you know it. You stood by, when you saw your fellow man lose his home and his business. You did nothing. You are now seeing the take-over of your countries. Are you going to allow the destruction of your countries to happen before you take action? When will you find your voice. Will you stand by meekly and watch the vultures descend?

It is time for action, my friends. You are the 99%. Do not fall for the platitudes that are being circulated to lull you into a false sense of security. Minds are being interfered with; they can be manipulated to put out whatever information the Cabal chooses. A human being can be cloned in 36 hours: that is how advanced the Cabal are. You can never be sure that the person you are seeing is actually the person you believe them to be."      forts.

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