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Shoud XI - “Radiant Presence” Presented to the Crimson Circle July 7, 2012

Shoud XI - “Radiant Presence” Presented to the Crimson Circle July 7, 2012

I Am that I Am, radiant and ever-present, Adamus of Sovereign Domain. Thank you. (audience applause) Welcome to this classroom of living ascension. I promise not to give you a hard time today, Edith. EDITH: Thank you. ADAMUS: You can give me a hard time, but I won’t give you one back.

Welcome to the classroom, my dear friends. We just went through a four-minute merabh, while that – ahem – cheesy music* was playing. (audience responds “Oh!”) Was it not?! (Kerri shouts “Yes!”; Adamus chuckles) While the music was playing, so you could drift off a little bit, so you could allow a shift of consciousness. Truly. Why not some great music some time, hm?

* “Soul Companions” by Mary Chapin Carpenter and James Taylor from the CD “Ashes and Roses”
You went through a four-minute merabh of shifting consciousness. The rest of the next two hours is simply going to be letting yourself experience what it’s like, integrating it, bringing it down into your body, becoming a radiant presence.

You wonder why you’re here today? Nowhere else to go! (laughter) To learn about radiant presence. That’s the next step. That’s the next thing we’re going to work on – being present. Ah!

Enlightenment. Enlightenment – it’s about being present. It’s about being aware, and there is a huge difference in being in the mind and being aware. Truly is. Aware – actually you really don’t have to use much of the mind.

Enlightenment is about allowing a natural flow to take place. The minute you start messing with it, the minute you start tampering with it, the minute you think the human – just the human alone – knows how to do this thing and you don’t invite the soul, you don’t invite the aspects, you don’t invite your self in, it’s not going to work very well. You’ll be on your hands and knees calling out to me. Ha, ha, ha! (laughter)

So, my dear friends, today we have many guests in the house. Not just you, not just Jonette (Crowley) and White Eagle. We have many guests in the house. Oh, there’s always guests. I just don’t let them talk very often. (some laughter) Many guests in the house today.

We have beautiful, beautiful Shaumbra from all over the world. We have energies and love of the angelic beings.

The Joust

You know ... and I do say ‘love’ because they love being part of all of this. They love observing. But it’s a kind of interesting love. It’s the same love that many of you used to have in past lifetimes going to a jousting match. (some laughter) The horses, the long poles, the one dressed in the dark, the one dressed in the light, taking off after each other, going down against each other – boom! – and one gets knocked off the horse. And they laugh, and they applaud and they cheer when you’re on the ground wondering what the hell just hit you.

Why? They can laugh and applaud because they know you’re going to get back up. They know it’s not going to destroy you. They know that for some strange reason you like to keep getting back on that horse, grabbing that pole and going after it again. But who are you jousting with? (audience says “Yourself”) Yourself. Absolutely.

Why are you jousting with yourself? Why? (audience gives various answers including “Who knows?” and “Entertainment”) Entertainment. (someone says “Drama”) Drama. (someone says “Boredom”) Boredom. Good answer. Boredom. (someone says “Habit”) Habit – best answer. Habit. You just get in the habit of hopping on that horse, putting on your suit of armor and opposing yourself. Dark against light. Force into force. Oh, it’s thrilling for others to watch. Thrilling, because they always want to know, first of all, how passionate you are about this: how you get into your suit of armor; how you suit up with it; how you grab your weapon; how you get on that horse; how you have so much determination and energy, and then how you go take off after yourself! Not many laughs on that one. (laughter) How you get knocked off the horse, knocked onto the ground, but you get up and try it again.

How about tomorrow morning when you wake up, no suit of armor. Go bare naked, meaning without that energy protection – not you, sir (laughter) – without that energy protection that you put on every day. It makes sense, because it is tough out there. There are days when you feel you have to put up that guard.

Why not tomorrow, not putting it up, just to see what happens? What about tomorrow you don’t get out your lance and polish it up, get the blood off of it from yesterday? What about you leave that lance on the ground where it last fell? What about you forget the horse? The horse is just indicative of the power that you use sometimes to go into life, go into your day. What about you just be in your own radiant presence? Is that not the only suit that you need? Is that not truly the only tool? Is that not the only thing that you need to carry you through a day?

Now, what’s going to happen to that dark self? The opposing self, that part that you’ve been battling with every day, what’s going to happen to it? (someone says “Integration”) No. It’s going to hop on its horse, it’s going to grab its lance, and it’s going to come after you! (Adamus chuckles) Why? Habit. Habit. It’s been trained by who? (audience says “Me”) Yeah. The questions are so easy today. (Adamus chuckles) We’ll get into the hard ones later.

It’s been trained. It’s part of the habit, part of the program, the daily duel with you. But after a while, it’s going to get a little tired of getting suited up, getting the lance out, getting on the horse and chasing after you. It’s going to finally learn that it can integrate. You don’t have to do battle with the day.

Now, in that opposing dark warrior, there are elements of mass consciousness. There are elements of other people – friends, family, coworkers. There are elements, but they’re all attracted into that opposing force by you. Kind of like your own personal Higgs boson, it attracts that energy. Turns it into something real. It turns it into matter and an experience.

So tomorrow, you just take that deep breath. Don’t suit up. Don’t grab the lance. Don’t get on the horse. Don’t do battle. There’s nothing at all to do battle with. Nothing at all. The sooner you realize that, the more fun you’re going to have with your enlightenment.

Let’s take a deep breath and welcome in all of our guests today – the beautiful, the lovely, the angelic beings, the human beings – all here as part of this.

What’s Happening Now

You’re halfway through 12-12-12. Yes. “Just halfway?” you say. Half way. But it doesn’t necessarily end at 12-21. It doesn’t necessarily end at the end of the year or on December 21st. There’s going a lot of residual. What happens on December 21st? (someone says “Another day”) Basically another day, but it’s been implanted in consciousness that this a special day. Even those who are not of the same consciousness, they have that little implant, that little wondering whether it’s the end of the world, the end of an era, or just another – oddly enough – lost hope.

Do you realize there’s going to be a lot of people that wake up on December 22nd and feel a lost hope? “Oh crap,” as Sart would say. “It’s just another day.” That is probably more difficult than to see some sort of big world disaster, some drama, because there are a lot of people that are going to wake up on December 22nd and say, “This is as good as it gets. They talk about the changes. They talk about the new world. They talk about the end of the old world, whatever. It’s just another day.”"  forts.

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