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"AAM Confirms: The “Containment” Started Last Monday, June 25, 2012"

"From AAM via Steve Beckow…”The “Containment” Started Last Monday, June 25, 2012″
Posted on 2012/07/02 
Okay, I’ve got that I’ve GOT to post this, now. I’m just emoticon-ing with <33333 vibrations after seeing this. And especially I get that we might not refer to all this "events" business as "mass arrests", but rather, "Mass containments and removals".

So here it is, from Steve. Quick, no links, just… well, here it is."


"AAM Confirms: The “Containment” Started Last Monday, June 25, 2012"

"OK, we’ve finished the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel and it’s historic.

What I’m going to try to do here is to give you as much detail as I can remember; then I will go back into the recording and draw out some additional details. I’m speaking from memory and it won’t be as satisfactory as quoting AAM so I ask you not to take my own recall as a true and accurate version of what he said, but as breaking news.

Geoff West will offer a special edition of Cosmic Vision News after An Hour with an Angel and give a wrap-up of this incredible day’s news. Both shows can be heard here, starting 5:00 p.m. Pacific time today:

First of all the events which we’ve referred to as the “mass arrests” are underway and started last Monday, June 25, 2012.

Archangel Michael (1) prefers not to refer to them as “mass arrests,” because that wording is not of love, but as “containments” and “removals” so we’ll change our vocabulary starting now.

The containments take several forms. The leading Illuminati are actually being placed in energetic containers that prevent them from doing any harmful actions. They can do benevolent actions, but not anything else. Eventually they’ll be removed, either to a place of trial or else to another placement."

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