søndag 8. juli 2012

The Montague Keen Foundation - July 8, 2012

Her kommer det, blant annet, opplysninger som ikke er til å tro!  

"The movement towards the Light is gathering momentum. Please do your utmost to spread the Light to those who have not, as yet, embraced it. Understand that it is extremely difficult for some to take responsibility for their own lives. They have allowed religions to dictate how they live their lives, so taking back responsibility is not easy for them. The Cabal, on the other hand, never misses an opportunity to prevent the light being shared. You experienced such an incident yourself, this week. Some do not have the courage to stand up and be counted. They talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk.

I am grateful to Penny P. for introducing you to ATLASPROFILAX.

The ATLAS is the first cervical vertebra and is misaligned or luxated in most humans. This condition leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. The rotation causes a reduction in the diameter of the aperture at the base of the skull and vertebral canal. This disrupts the normal flow of information between the brain and body through the vertebral and carotid arteries, the lymphatic system, the cerebral spinal fluid, the meningeal system and the spinal cord.

My dear Veronica, you have experienced the changes already, and realise the importance of this adjustment for everyone. I did explain, shortly after my passing, that the human race had been interfered with. You did not understand what I was trying to convey. Now you see the full picture. It is a special adjustment and can only be carried out by those specially trained to do so. It is highly recommended. This would loosen the grip the Cabal has on humanity. It would produce free thinking Beings of Light once more. It is specially important for the young, about to start education. It can be done at any age. It has caused untold problems and illness for humanity and this is what it was designed to do. This is all part of waking up. Your body is your responsibility.

I told you it would not be easy to face the reality of what has been done to mankind. I shared your pain as you read what was done to the Irish people to destroy their DNA, all evidence of their great past, and their role in the civilisation of the world. It is so important for the Irish to wake up and learn their true history, and to understand why the Vatican has kept them under control through FEAR. What is the Vatican afraid of?

Why were so many Irish babies stolen? Why did so many disappear without trace, wherever the Vatican held control? Kevin Annett is exposing the facts. He has done the research and has produced the evidence. Yes, it is hard to believe that cannibalism is still going on. Only by making it public knowledge can it be stopped." forts.

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