tirsdag 10. juli 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/10/12 ‘Arrest After Arrest’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/10/12 ‘Arrest After Arrest’
As channeled through Greg Giles

"Stampeding now towards progress is your people towards a new, better, safer, more peaceful, more productive, more caring, more determined, more rightful and more prosperous way of being. We have come this far with you, our dear brothers and our dear sisters, and we assure you that we will continue to walk the last mile with you. We will not stop and allow you to go on up ahead without us, without our guidance, without our assistance, without our protection, without our love, for we have traveled step-by-step and hand-in-hand with you for many eons of time and it was never our plan or intention to discontinue our journey with you, not even for one step or one day of time. 

We will continue, dear ones, to travel ahead with you, only we will be far greater known and perceived by you instead of operating, assisting, guiding and leading you from beyond the ethers of your perception and senses. So many of you are now fully aware of our presence and understand very well who we are in relation to who you are, and this already for us has been a joyful reunion on many levels. To come together in a merging of dimensions is the next step, and it is a step that we eagerly anticipate, look forward to and plan for each day. We are so very close to rejoining you now that the cabal's days are dwindling faster and faster now that the men and women on your front lines have moved forward and have stepped up their game and are now making arrest after arrest in such great numbers that as we behold these sites we shiver in anticipation of what is surely to happen next, which is our landings in your world to greet you face-to-face and commence our many projects to alter the course of your world and help raise her to the higher standards of an intergalactic community based on ease and pleasure, efficiency and safety, cleanliness and purity, love and friendship, cooperation, spirit, community and togetherness. These are the elements of a higher dimensional society, and these are the seeds that we, along with you, will be planting all across the new fertile soils of your new enriched earth.

We have so many surprises in store for you dear ones, and we can barely contain ourselves as we are so overjoyed for you and for us as well, as we have waited on and looked forward to this reunion with you, our very own families, for so very long. Many of you have been a part from your families for many lifetimes, not returning to us after each individual incarnation, but rather you took a detour and returned back here for another go around in the physical, all to acquire more wisdom, understandings and experiences here where the learning curve is much sharper than where we reside in the higher realms, where life is of a much more steady gradient, where sharp drop offs in life stations are not experienced and great upheavals do not present themselves, which in many cases lead to an advanced and accelerated learning process. This is why many of you have come here to this rocky rollercoaster you call Earth, for it is here where daredevils such as yourselves can make the most out of a short timeframe and accelerate your growth and maturity as an eternal spiritual being on a never ending quest for more knowledge, wisdom, experiences and pleasures in life, in love, in artistic expression and so many other avenues that you so love to journey."   forts.

Ascension Earth 2012

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