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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/1/12 ‘The Golden Spike' 1 July 2012 - Channeler: Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/1/12 ‘The Golden Spike’
1 July 2012  -  Channeler: Greg Giles

The driving of the Golden Spike, Promontory Summit, Utah Territory 1869

"Initia must take place for these arrests that so many are hoping upon as the end of their old way of life that no longer serves their higher good and the beginning of their new way of life that will allow them to experience more of what this universe and their Creator offers them as his children who deserve all the gifts that he has created and that he has shared with his other children from other worlds. You are not the only children of our Creator. Our Creator has many children living throughout the far stretches of his magnificent home and all of these children, with no exceptions, enjoy his love, his protection, his gifts, his guidance and the wonderful experience of growing up learning and playing in this joyous wonderland of love, adventure and excitement, joy and bliss, challenges and friendship.

Your Creator does not wish for you to go one more day without the gifts that he has so carefully selected for you and has personally gift wrapped for you and has given us to load our spacecraft with and deliver them to you like your Santa Claus loading his sleigh with Christmas presents for all the children of this world. You are all the children of your world, no matter how long ago it was that you were born into the physical. We are all, in the eyes of our Creator, his children, even though some of us are millions of years old. This is a fact. Some of us of the Galactic Federation of Light that some of you will meet very shortly are over one million, and some of us are even over two million years old, although of course, we do not necessarily age the way you may feel we must age, as most of you on your planet at this time understand aging as a must and have come to understand aging as a rapid depreciation of your health, your vitality, your gusto, your tirelessness, your sharpness and focus and your aesthetic beauty.

This certainly does not have to be the case, and you will see this firsthand when you meet us and learn that many of us are hundreds of thousands, even millions of years old, yet possess all of the attributes and the beauty as someone you would feel, according to your ages and standards, to appear approximately twenty to twenty five years old. This is a gift that is not entirely out of your reach as well. Not all of you will be receiving this gift; this must be made clear, as not all of you will be graduating to higher dimensional worlds where such a gift is possible. We would like to add however, that at least on some level your health and vitality and a more youthful appearance can and will certainly be made available to all of you, no matter where it is your destination lies at the culmination of this upcoming great dimensional shift that you know of as ascension."   forts.

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