mandag 9. juli 2012

SaLuSa & Mike 9-July-2012

SaLuSa  9-July-2012

"I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that we of the Galactic Federation of Light will be with you all the way to Ascension, and beyond. It is our duty and desire to see you home safe and sound.   Thank you SaLuSa - Mike Quinsey"
"Whatever you see going on outwardly or hear is happening, know that far more is taking place than what you are aware of. We are constantly helping our allies achieve their goals, and until the timing becomes urgent we avoid directly intervening. We will certainly be on watch to ensure our allies are safe, as although we know that the dark Ones are aware that their time is up they continue to represent a threat. Whatever delays have been experienced be assured that we make no change to our plans, and all intended actions will be completed. For us time does not have the same importance and using linear time is not how we operate, but so necessary for you to lead your lives.
For a start we see your victory as already having been achieved, so we know that regardless of what happens your future is assured. Corporations are floundering and businesses that are based on corrupt practices are being revealed for what they are. They are unable to withstand the heightened energies being beamed to Earth that are transmuting the lower energies that they thrive on. The truth is coming out every day, and people's eyes are being opened to the way in which they have been taken in by the plans of the Illuminati to enslave you. It is no longer possible and your civilization is taking part in a worldwide demand for extensive changes that will release you from the shackles placed on you. The US is the main focus for what is happening and by example will lead the world back to freedom and prosperity. It will not happen overnight, but nevertheless will be speeded up because of our presence.
The eyes of the Universe are upon you which is amazing for such a small planet to hold such interest, but what happens to you and Earth will have a resounding effect on it. You are so to say the last brick in the wall of change and the resultant Ascension that everyone is waiting for. When you entered the lower dimensions you knew that your role was extremely important to others, and you are greatly loved for the sacrifices you have made for them. Originally you were fully fledged souls of Light who knew you could experience the darkness and eventually still find your way back. So when you look at your fellow travellers please remember that in essence they are exactly the same as you. In Gods eyes no one soul is better than another, but simply at a different stage of experience."

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