mandag 2. juli 2012

Hilarion - July 1- 7, 2012

I denne tida vil alt som ligger lagret i DNA bli aktivert, det er noe som skjer i alle DNA. Det er bare å forstå at det 'stikker hodet fram' for å få aksept, bli anerkjent.   Denne godkjenningen fra deg, meg, oss, er veien vi må gå for å bli forvandlet og dermed bli frigjort.  På denne måten renser vi våre liv, rydder og klargjør hele systemet for etterslep av tidligere skavanker - tilkommet over flere ledd.     

Beloved Ones,

"Across your World, weather patterns are changing and creating a great cleansing as old stagnant energies are dissolved and dissipated. These weather anomalies will continue as humankind releases all that is not Love from their Beings. The great transformation of everything continues unabated as the new higher energies from the Cosmos come into your atmosphere. Do not lose heart during these times, Dear Ones, and help each other when it is needed.

As the old ways of expression are dissolved in this higher Light, more Light enters the cells to take its place and this is felt by Humanity at a deep, deep level. As more Light enters your personal energy field, your DNA is activated and more strands of it light up within you. Your four lower bodies are in the process of a transformation that has never before occurred on a mass level and there will continue to be many symptoms of this process as it takes place. These changes can bring up emotions that are triggered by a reminder of old issues that still need to be faced, acknowledged, accepted and released."

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