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BY LAUREN ON JUNE 4, 2012 ·· IN THE 5D REPORT - "The Stages of reBirth"

BY LAUREN ON JUNE 4, 2012  -"

The Stages of reBirth"


"It’s difficult to imagine that the last 10+ years of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical clearing could eventually give way to a new (human) experience…but this is exactly what the Pleiadians insist is happening as I write this.

The lunar eclipse mid-way portal point is today (June 4th), and we have just completed the first level integration of the photonic infusion from the recent solar eclipse…which was a biggy.  Lots of karmic residue surfaced over the last two weeks and so you may have noticed loads of letting go as you said goodbye and/or made peace with many past encounters during what the sisters termed our “final life review”. Simultaneously, our new operating system was booted and since May 20th we have been scanning and testing for bugs and glitches in the initial set of operations required for living a 5D life in a 3D world.

Over and again we were presented with opportunities to buy into a false reality that we be-lie-ved to be true in the past, but if you were diligent in your detachment and simply observed these past creations, then those old thought-forms most likely flew right by you with little or no temptation to grab onto them or make them real again.  If you bit the bait, then hopefully you noticed the trap right away and returned to your heart-space.  If you are only realizing it now, still good.  All roads lead to Rome, as they say…the point is that we get and stay here now, untethered and free from the past so we can fully embrace the present and begin to co-create our future.

Free At Last

When I awoke on the morning after the solar eclipse I was greeted with a welcome message from the Seven Sisters…something to the tune of “this is officially the first day of your new life!”.  I was tempted to discount it and focus instead on the crippling pain in my lower back, but I quickly remembered a very vivid and relevant dream I had minutes before…

I was floating on a placid pond with an old friend from childhood who I haven’t seen or talked to in nearly 2 decades when suddenly, out of nowhere, a fast moving current came and swept me away.  As I was whirling downstream I could see hundreds of other people that I did not know trying desperately to stay afloat as we were whipped into the bends and swirls of the rapids.  What was most interesting is that when I looked back, I realized that somehow my friend from the “past” did not come with us, she was still floating on the still water as if nothing had changed…and then I woke up.

It was at that moment I realized that we had officially been squeezed into what the sisters had referred to in the first 5D report as the death/birth canal…that we were aggressively picking up speed and headed, heart-first, toward our brand new life.  The rare May 20th eclipse coupled with all the Pleiadian energy from the alignment with our central Sun, Alcyone, served to literally and figuratively remove the shackles from our past, whereas today’s lunar eclipse is closing the cycle of completion so that tomorrow, on the Venus eclipse/transit Sun, we can begin a new journey of the heart.  All of this is right in time for the upcoming solstice which promises to kick a group of us square out of our nests.

Even tho most people are fixated on the 12-21-12 solstice timeline, from the perspective of the Pleiadians, it is the June solstice that is the official take-off and heralds phase II of ascension for wayshowers…this is the balance-point that begins the co-creation of the new world. However it manifests, June in general is a jam packed month of celestial happenings that I can barely wrap my head around…which is probably for good reason…and the next three weeks the sisters say we would benefit from focusing on our embodiment process… more specifically, on birthing our new (christed) human template."    forts.

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