mandag 2. juli 2012

SaLuSa & Mike 2-July-2012

SaLuSa  & Mike 2-July-2012

Det som heretter blir hverdagen for jordboerne er nye metoder som endrer våre levemåter på det grunnleggende planet.  Ny teknologi vil skape nye metoder for levemåter og forflytninger eller reiser i den ytre verden - jeg ser det som om teknologien vil operere på linje med tanken - lett og uanfektet føre oss til nye områder.  Kollektivt vil dette vise seg i de store felles operasjonene et samfunn har hånd om og løser gjennom forskjellige ordninger.  I den første tida etter Oppstigning eller at en mengde mennesker plutselig 'ser lyset', må brukes til trening i å leve i frihet.  Det krever stor grad av egeninnsats å sjøl ta hele ansvaret for egne innfall og handlinger.  Vi er blitt testet i årtusener uten at vi har sett på det som verken test eller trening, men nå er det svært mye som skal forståes på kort tid og jo fortere vi kan slippe gamle tanker og vaner, jo fortere kan vi tenke nye tanker.  Dette er en læresetning vi har lært i vår tredemølle gjennom de tusener av år, men kanskje ikke festet så stor lit til.
"The really exciting times have arrived as you are getting confirmation of the arrests that have started taking place. Your rights are such that you have the authority to remove those who have committed acts of treason against you. These are clearly very necessary steps to allow important changes to take place that will move you on to the next phase in the plan. There is no way that the actions can be ignored much longer, and our allies are looking for sources that are keen to cover what is happening. Certainly with an announcement that is intended to set peoples minds at rest, we expect the media to pick up on it. There will soon come a point when the news can no longer be hidden or ignored, and we know that there will be a mixed reception to it. However, we expect President Obama to address the world, to re-assure people that the actions are positive and in everyone's interests to restore world peace. It will go worldwide and beyond any attempts of the dark Ones to gag it.
We of the Galactic Federation of Light will for a time continue to work in the background, but look for the first opportunity to introduce disclosure. It not only covers our history of working for you and with you, but also the general interest shown in your evolution over a period of thousands of years. However, it will give us the chance to present some of the different civilisations that you are to meet. All will have some link to you if only to have had a hand in your genetic evolution. At a soul level we are all the from the Source, but have travelled different paths according to our choice of experience. Differences between us do therefore exist but we are all evolving like you except that some souls are at higher levels than others.
In leaps and bounds you will quickly find yourselves being elevated to the next stage in your upliftment. Many of you have already been primed for a new way of life, and it will set you up for your return to the higher realms that will come with Ascension. A wonderful fulfilling life awaits you which will seem like heaven after your experiences in duality. You will not only understand how energy comes into your lives, but also how to use to use it for your needs. The emphasis will be put on the different ways it can be used, and not least of all as a means of space travel."

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