torsdag 26. juli 2012


"As we move closer to the 5th Dimension, we are learning to come from the Heart, rather than the Mind. This can be a challenging transition, for we are programed from an early age, to rely on the mind. Yet its the heart which speaks our inner truth & soul yearnings. The heart leads the way to our true purpose & fulfilment. We are learning that the mind can be a trap of illusion, ego, materialism & empty desires. The mind of course does serve a great purpose, for analysing & the ego IS actually necessary - after all, how else would we get the confidence to achieve great feats, do new things & take risks? The mind & heart working together in balance, is our ultimate goal. What wonders we will create in the world, when this is achieved! Below are some interesting facts about the heart;
The heart's electro-magnetic field is the most powerful created by the body and is 5000 times more powerful than that created by the brain.

Your heart is the strongest biological oscillator in the body and therefore tends to  influence all other body systems.

Your heart's energy field radiates two to three meters.

It is hard to break old stress patterns and responses as they tend to be deeply imprinted on the neural circuitries. Therapy that only deals with the mind may provide us with relief through insight but doesn't always heal deep wounds.

Practices that access the wisdom and healing power of the heart are the most successful at transforming anxiety, stress, fear, anger and grief.
Interesting isnt it? There is so much more on the hearts energy to explore but for now, just a short sharing.

Sending you all love & wishing you all an open heart xx."

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