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Astrology Report For July

Astrology Report For July

By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on July 1st, 2012
By Dorene Carrel @ www.astroconnections.blogspot.com

"July is highlighted by intense planetary activity, followed by a calmer period that extends from late July into August.  Both Uranus and Mercury turn retrograde in fire signs within two days of each other. This is followed by active Mars transits setting off the Uranus/Pluto square that occurred in June. Both the new and full moons also strengthen these aspects, which could bring unexpected and volatile changes during these periods. 

The Full Moon occurs on July 3 at 12 Capricorn.  This lunation is aligned with both Pluto and Uranus, which sets up an intense period of dynamic changes during the next few weeks.  Pluto rules death and rebirth, while Capricorn represents the old guard, authority figures and those resistant to change.  Entrenched, unsustainable structures and outworn personal patterns will likely change form at this time. This can set up an intense struggle for power and control, as breakdowns and endings occur both around us and within us. However, cultivating a calm, optimistic perspective helps facilitate a more harmonious rebirth.     

The Sabian symbols for these lunation degrees seem to echo the power/rebirth themes of Pluto/Uranus: “A hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study; the power of the will in shaping character,” and “a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence; the subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes.”  As we grow and develop new powers and strengths, we are also challenged to act with increased wisdom."      forts. 

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