onsdag 4. juli 2012

Perceiving the Higher Perspective of Every Situation


Mange har nå en 5d bevissthet - det vil si; De har et åpent sinn og forstår stadig mer enn tidligere. Ny bevissthet strømmer inn under søvnen og manifesteres som kunnskap idet du våkner, noe som av og til nesten overmanner deg.  3d er ikke en reell dimensjon i den forstand, men virkelig nok så lenge vi er på det nivået i forståelse og spiller 3d spillet.   

Dear Ascending Ones,

"Please KNOW that there will be NO accidents from this point on. At this point in your ascension process everything that happens in your life is YOUR creation. Because your consciousness is now resonating to the threshold to the fifth dimension, every random thought and emotion will become manifest. Because you still hold a physical form, your manifestations will still appear to be bound by time. However, the energy patterns of your consciousness will serve to either connect you to New Earth (or beyond) or confine you to the third/fourth dimensional version of Earth.

Because we can observe your thoughts and emotions, we can see the shifting energy patterns of your auras as you shift in and out of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, we wish to assist you in leaning to perceive, and attend to, the higher perspective of every situation. As you are well aware, fear-based emotions lower your energy field. In order to rise above the fear, it is best to refuse to participate in any thought, emotion or situation that lowers your consciousness to the third/fourth dimensional concept of fear.

From the perspective of the fifth dimension and beyond, third dimensional Earth is a holographic projection, a virtual reality game. However, the copies of your Multidimensional SELF that logged into the 3D Matrix to assist Gaia, have become trapped in the appearance of what they have learned to believe is real. Therefore, in order to log out of this Matrix, you will need to:

Realize that the third dimension is NOT real.
Remember your Multidimensional SELF.
Download your Multidimensional SELF into your earth vessel.
Allow the Galactic Light to activate your Multidimensional Operating System.
Connect and integrate that multidimensional system into your physical computer brain.
Allow your Multidimensional SELF to take control of the helm of your earth vessel.

Your new “Captain,” who is your SELF, is newly arrived from the higher frequencies of reality. Therefore, this YOU cannot be trapped by the 3D illusions because that YOU is not separated, limited or indoctrinations of myriad third dimensional incarnations. This expression of your SELF is new to the 3D Game. Therefore, ALL of your multidimensional abilities are 100% operational."      forts.

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