tirsdag 24. juli 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/24/12 ‘Why Do You Assist the Dark Ones?’

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/24/12 ‘Why Do You Assist the Dark Ones?’

"All infinity of space and in time have representatives here in and above your world at this time as we, together with you, the people of Earth, carry out our divine mission in love and in service to our Creator, your Creator, the Creator of all things large and small, dark or light in this universe. We, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and our organization itself stand for love, for peace, for charity, for good deed, for sovereignty, for joy, for freedom forever. We do not come to worlds for any other reason but to offer our gifts, our knowledge, our wisdom, our love, our light, our understandings, our technologies and our assistance to help worlds rise above their current states of existence, of technological advancement, of social, economic and political status.

We take great pride and care in how we deliver these gifts and introduce ourselves to the populations of the planets that we choose to visit and share our gifts with. You, the people of Earth, are special in your own ways, you are unique in your own ways, but you are not the only people that we have visited, will visit, or are even visiting right now as you read these words and as we are here in offers of assistance to you. We have large portions of our organization in orbit at this time around other worlds as well and we face the same challenges and obstacles introducing ourselves to them as we face introducing ourselves to you. There is no very unique challenge or obstacle here for us in your world at this time, we wish you to know this, and we are very confident we can rise to any challenge and with your assistance and your cooperation we will meet every challenge head on and defeat it, allowing a union of our two worlds, yours of the lower dimensions and ours of the higher and begin to offer you our tools to help you help yourselves make the changes that so many of your people want and know that are necessary to catapult your world into a new state of being, a state that is more joyous, prosperous, fair, honest, peaceful, sovereign, rewarding, adventurous, exciting, fun and new.

These are some of the aspects of your new world, and we feel many of you will be quite happy and overjoyed at your new choices and opportunities that are already presenting themselves to you. The time for all these projects, programs and changes that we have discussed with you is upon us. One of the greatest changes to your world is already in full stride and that is the removal of the criminal element we have referred to as your criminal cabal. This is the linchpin that opens the door to all the many projects and programs, upgrades and advancements that we have discussed with you, and we are very happy to report that these arrests continue through the day and through the night all over your world. We, just as you, have combed your internet searching for some kind of evidence of these arrests and we too find little pieces of what can be considered evidence, but we tell you to keep looking, keep your eyes and ears open, for the floodgates will soon open and they will start with a trickle, with a leak, before the news of this truly Earth changing event gushes forth and bathes your world."  forts.

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