onsdag 18. januar 2012

Greg Giles og GFL oppdaterer 18 01 2012

"If your self sacrifices lead you onto new avenues of adventure and wisdom, then they will have all been worth it in the long run. Try to look at things from a higher perspective, and try to see that letting go of the old always makes way for the new. Releasing old habits and tendencies is a very important choice for you to make today, and no one is forcing you to do anything. It is all up to you. We see those voicing their displeasure to learn of the policy in place of the Galactic Federation that stipulates a drug-free work environment, and we understand your confusion at such a rule. We wish to make it clear your ascension is a different matter entirely than working with the Galactic Federation, and these two subjects do not have anything to do with each other in this regard.

Many newly recruited team members will be assigned to stations monitoring and operating highly sophisticated and advanced equipment. Some of this advanced technology involves the direct link between your thought processes and this computerized technology. What we mean by this is that the computerized equipment is directly controlled from your thought processes within your mind, without the necessity of your hands touching any equipment or your eyes seeing any monitors or controls. Considering this, we hope you understand better our policy of recruiting only those who have chosen to make a commitment to keep their minds clear at all times and free of any mind altering substances. The optimum functioning of your brain is of paramount importance when operating and monitoring such sophisticated equipment, as your fellow crew members and crew members of other Federation ships count on the proper operation of these systems."   forts.

Pleiadean Star League - 17th January 2011
Message from the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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