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Allendale 19 01 2012

Allendale to Tots ~ ‘Social media’ – Information is Power ~ 1/19/12
Posted on January 19, 2012

[Hello Allendale.] Hello, Tots my friend. I would like to begin with an update for all your fine readers. In the coming months you will see in the social media many posts about strange occurrences. While most of this won’t make it to the mainstream media, we are encouraged by the traffic that finds these alternative outlets. Did you know that concepts like Face Book, Twitter and You-Tube were established with the higher purpose of assisting Earth and her inhabitants through this shift? [Well, Allendale I didn’t but now that you mention that, these social media outlets seem to be a perfect fit for the average Joe to over-ride the controlled media.] Aye Lassie. Little did the cabal realize that these very tools that they use to spread lies would eventually be their downfall. The power of the human collective is immense.

We would also like to mention the quiet response to all the people that have only recently become aware that the governments are a sham. [Can you clarify that?] In David’s last article was proof given that the governments have essentially been controlled  by powerful entities. This was given no main stream media play. Both David and Ben are blacklisted by the outlets that are controlled by these entities. This is why posting on the various social networks is vital to allowing those in the dark, so to speak, to know that they are losing the battle to control.  Information is power.

Now, a reader mentioned on the blog that she would like to have greater clarity on what I meant in a previous post about ‘getting your house in order’. I would like to expand on that. Getting your house in order is a way of saying be prepared. Be ready for global announcements of disclosure, be prepared for your services to be interrupted, let your neighbors know if they need greater understanding once these monumental events occur that you are willing to assist. Be centered as much as you can. If the lovely light workers are freaking out, they won’t be effective facilitators. Once all this change is out in the open, it won’t take long for things to settle down. [Allendale, much is being said about the supposed three days of darkness.] Aye, I cannot comment on that, Tots. That is only one of many possibilities. That is why I say, “get your house in order”. There are many possibilities, so just be centered and be prepared. Allendale out.


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