mandag 23. januar 2012

Bringing In The Light

En kanalisering spekket med informasjon om aktuelle saker for en oppvåknende sjel.
"Have you been tired lately? Does it seem that no matter how much sleep you get, you still feel like you need more? That is how it has been for many of us. In fact, some of us have discovered what we are tired of. We are tired of the low frequency of the third dimension. The juxtaposition between the frequency of light that is entering our consciousness, and the frequency of the physical world is becoming so different that it is increasingly difficult to hold onto both of these worlds at the same time.
In spite of this juxtaposition of energies, we are NOT so tired when we choose to focus on expressing our Multidimensional SELF in a creative way. When we are engaged in creative activities, we lose our fatigue and become quite energized. On the other hand, when we need to take care of our third dimensional responsibilities such as driving to work, paying our bills, cleaning the house, etc. we often feel exhausted. Fortunately, when we are being creative, and there are as many definitions of creativity as there are people, we become enlivened again.

Furthermore, the term "creative" is also changing. Creative used to mean that we learned or had an innate ability to DO certain creative things, such as singing, painting, dancing, athletics, etc. Now creativity means that we are learning to use our innate ability to be the creators of our life. When we are the creators of our life, we can choose to DO anything we want, except that there are certain mundane tasks that seem to linger on and on. Because of the ever-increasing frequency of light and unconditional love emanating form the Galactic Center, our ability to be creators of our own life is steadily increasing."

Suzan Caroll -  Arcturians
Multidimensional News

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