lørdag 14. januar 2012

Gi - og du får

Budskapet er klart - gi og du skal få.  Det kan være et hint vi alle trenger i denne tida, når vi mener alt er oppfylt hva angår det "å gi".

"For the last few months ive been going through some very big challenges & ive been shown patterns/behaviours, which no longer serve me. Time for great reflection/review of partners, friendships, work/play & really looking deeply for who i really am. Most of us are going through the same life reviews.

Knowing that this was going to be a long & difficult transition for me, i decided to ask how i could make this a little more comfortable for myself. I had some beautifully inspiring & simple answers come in. My higher self suggested that i focus on giving more of myself. Now i thought i was already giving a lot of my time & love. I was asked; ''when was the last time that you truly gave ALL of you, 100% unconditionally''? When i tried to search for a moment (all through my life), i couldnt remember one single moment. I then realised that ive never given all of me, to anyone. I have always kept a part of me, for me, holding it back so i dont lose myself, or get taken advantage of. This then opened up a whole lot of repressed feelings, which needed some releasing."   forts.


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