søndag 22. januar 2012

Ascension - lar seg ikke kjøpe

"We are your guiding spirits from the higher realms  you know us by our names."    (Lucas) "I have connected to you  collectively  to give a message at your feast of light and your holidays."

"We  will give our message to all of you,  dear ones.   Dearly  beloved souls, we are the collective  guiding spirits giving you this message. As we  come to the Chinese New Year we want to speak to you about the your ascension process advancing. 

Our lives have been given wanted and unwanted changes these past months. Just see it as for the better of you and all of mankind.  The changes will give you windows of  opportunities to follow the new path finding the way of you inner ascension process. You seek ascension as if its was an apple to be bought in a store. You will not find the way as you seek outside yourselves dear ones."   forts.

~ Galactic Love Reporter Lucas ~ ~Message From The Guiding Spirits ~
22 January 2012

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