mandag 3. november 2014

Tell Me What I Need to Know - From Kryon Live Channel "Soul Journeying Part 2" - March 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand

We say it again: If you wish to go to your knees to honor God in any way - when you pray or when you meditate - we are there. There's really only one request you should consider asking your Higher-Self. The question is, "Dear God, tell me what I need to know." It's the best one.

Again, the reasoning is this: All of the other things that you could possibly ask are subservient to that one request. "Tell me what it is that I need to know, dear Spirit, in order to solve the problem to get from A to B."

You know who you are. You didn't come here to suffer, dear ones. It's time to work through that concept as well. Someone needed to hear that. Suffering was not the plan. Whatever has happened is now water under the bridge. You have complete control over your own cellular structure and it wants to hear from you.

 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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