søndag 9. november 2014

Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

Vi skal ikke gjemme oss for verden, sier dr. Peebles gjennom Summer Bacon.  Videre sier han at det vil bli flere kriger også. Det var ikke så bra. Jeg har innbilt meg at vi hadde kriget fra oss, men det er altså noen ennå som ikke har lagt ned stridsøksa.

Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

You don't have to change yourself to fit the world. Be yourself and you fit. The
world wants you, nothing less than that and even when it means that sometimes people
will look at you and not quite understand, because you've been hiding yourself away;
hiding yourself away for years some of you, and not allowing the world to really
see you. Take a chance, just in the smallest of ways, tell the world who you are.
Tell them a story about yourself you've never told anyone and let them look at you
in wonder, in fear, in fascination. You might find that you draw the world closer
to you, and you might find that those who did not, if you will, love you truly will
fall away and, well, that's not such a bad thing really, ultimately, because now
you've got more room to allow for people of like mind and like heart into your 

You're a beautiful spirit. Please understand, we say that and we mean it. We know
your hearts, we know your truth, we know how often you feel misunderstood, neglected,
embarrassed, ashamed, frustrated, frightened, unappreciated. We know all those things
about you. Do you feel the energy in the room change as we say those words? You 
feel the shift there? Doesn't it feel great? Doesn't it? Because these are sad words
aren't they? But we acknowledge you for all that you've been through because you're
on this school called planet earth and you're beautiful spirits, and it is the toughest
school in the universe and you are courageous to be here, especially during this
time. There's going to be a lot more upheaval, a lot more war, a lot of things 
that seem like they're falling apart, but in truth things need to fall apart so 
that they can rebuilt stronger. 

So stand in your truth, maintain composure, maintain awareness that you are pure unabashed love. Be fearless in expressing the very same and you will find that 
your journey is going to be remarkable. You, my dear friends, will no longer feel 
unappreciated or unloved or neglected because now you will be appreciating yourself 
and loving yourself, and you will not be neglecting yourself, and you will be giving 
yourself expression in the world, and you will not feel that you have to be embarrassed 
by that, or ashamed, you will feel united with everyone knowing that the things that 
they are experiencing you have experienced too. And forgiveness will rise up 
from your heart, you will understand they are just trying, just like you were, to understand. 

And they will grow eventually, in their own time and place, and many of them will grow
because you're shining your light, you're nurturing them with your words, you are giving to them expressions of love, and love can do nothing else but heal. So when you are sad 
about the world and you think about the state and condition of people on your planet, 
of wars and terrorists and others who are, if you will, creating elements of fear, pillaging and 
plundering, when you think about those things what do you think about? 
Can you start and think about love rather than looking to the heavens and throwing 
your hands up, "Dear God, what are we going to do about this mess here?" 
God's answer is always going to be "love them." Love them my dear friends. Do not allow 
for yourself to get wrapped up in the fear, the disappointment, the expectations; stand in truth and love them.

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