lørdag 1. november 2014

*SaLuSa 31 October 2014*

We will reiterate that nothing can change your destiny to leave the lower
dimension behind, except that you lose your way and cannot lift up out of
it. The opportunities to rise up are unlimited and if you are on that path
you should already have made such progress, that you have established
yourself in the level of vibrations that will see you safely through. You
will get all the encouragement you need, and as your level of consciousness
increases so you will achieve a greater understanding of what you need to
do. Keep in the Light that you surround yourself with, and know that you
are secure within and safeguarded from any attempt to interfere with your
plan for Ascension. Allow the lower vibrations to pass you by without
becoming involved in them.

The turmoil that many countries are going through is a sign that they have
tried to solve their problems or differences by force, which will never be
the answer to such situations. They will come round time and time again,
until it is realised that only co-operation will achieve a solution that
will bring lasting peace. Your history is a monumental testament of
repeated attempts to rule by force, and shows that peace achieved by such
methods is never lasting. The answer to all such problems is the
application of “love” and the understanding that you are all One. Yes, we
know that until people are ready to respond in this way you will not get
far, but all solutions have a beginning when the seeds are sown. Love is a
most powerful energy that can bring about miracles when all hope seems to
be lost. It is therefore important that those who can provide and share the
higher energies are dedicated to their role.

After many lives in the lower vibrations you are able to meet the challenge
that they present, and as you progress matters will seem easier to deal
with. They are helped by the incoming higher energies that are being beamed
to Earth from other civilisations. Be assured that many of them are aware
of your plight and most pleased to have the opportunity to assist. Indeed,
when you have successfully achieved Ascension many civilisations will
joyously await their invitation to meet you. There will be a gradual
coming together which is consistent with you taking your place in the
Cosmos. However, much has to precede such times but you are on course to
rise up and become Cosmic Beings.

These are wonderful times to be associated with Earth and her journey into
the higher vibrations. Many souls would have liked to be part of the
experience, but you who have been selected are the ones that are best
suited to the tasks ahead. You are much more than you are aware at present,
and it is as though you are coming out of a dream state. Some might liken
it to a nightmare but whatever way you view it, the time has arrived for a
massive change in your fortunes. Be patient and apply yourself so that you
can use your best attributes to help others awaken to the truth. Many souls
are unaware that there is no such thing as total death, as the soul is
immortal. You may cloak yourselves differently to experience particular
lives according to your needs, but always the soul is supreme and holding
the Light of Love.

We are both surprised and pleased that you have taken on your tasks with
such commitment. Instinctively you know the importance of this time and
your joint efforts are achieving success beyond your knowing. So never lose
faith in your ability and know that you have much help to ensure you cope
with the demands upon you. As you open up you will find that you have far
greater abilities than you imagined. It is the reason you were selected for
the end times, and we know that you will succeed in your tasks. Indeed for
some of you this time round will not be your first experience, and for that
reason you may find yourselves on familiar ground. Be aware that the
importance of the present time for you and Mother Earth has not gone
unnoticed, and Beings from many civilisations are gathered to observe your
Ascension. We remind you that it will be the first occasion that you will
have risen up, without making the transition through the “death” of the

There will be so much to learn that will be new to you, and it will set you
on the path to being a Cosmic Being. That is of course quite a way ahead
but we would like you to know what you might expect in the higher
vibrations. Every effort you put in now will be well rewarded and you will
not regret a single moment. Mean time you will be gradually enlightened as
to the changes that will be the first of many, and they will help you to
quickly adjust to the new vibrations. This is where we can be of great
assistance and share with you the benefit of our experience. We want to
help you make up for lost time where you have been held back, and quickly
introduce you to the many advancements that will speed up your transition
to the higher realms.

It is not given to any individual to know the life plan of another soul.
You should therefore exercise caution when judging another soul, as you
cannot know what the future holds for them. Each of you have made your
commitments where your progress is concerned. They are tempered by karmic
needs that are neither good or bad as you would term them. All karma no
matter who it involves will provide the lessons that will help the soul to
evolve. So treat all experiences as essential to your development and

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that our contact with you has helped
your evolution. Bear in mind that we have been drawing ever closer to you
for some 70 years, and in that time we have noted your rapid growth in
consciousness. It will continue as the vibrations keep on rising up, and in
time they will enable you to completely leave the lower ones behind. I wish
you continued success in your work on behalf of the Light, and the Love
that you spread around you.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.
Galactic Channelings - Norsk

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