mandag 17. november 2014

Montague’s Message for Sunday 16 November 2014

This is the time of revelation, my dear. There is no hiding place on Earth at this time of great change. Only those who live in fear remain in 3D, because they fear change. There are those also, who never learned to open their minds to the wonders of Planet Earth; those who never asked questions, such as why humanity is not working together as one; or who created the divisions such as religions, to separate and cause suspicion and conflict.

Now, others are giving you details of what was decided at the Council of Nicea. The destruction of life on Earth began then. All the evidence is hidden in the Vatican. When evidence was recovered from the sea in Iraq, war was declared and instructions given to the US Army to destroy all newly recovered ancient writings, in case the truth of civilisation ever came out. It is difficult for humanity to come to terms with the fact that the Vatican preaches love, but practices the exact opposite. I have said, many times, "NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS". Everything you have been taught, whether through education or by your parents, is absolutely wrong. You were never given the opportunity to research the truth and thereby step into the light.

The time for procrastination is over. Decisions have to be made. Do you raise your vibration and move out of 3D living (or should I say, existing) and move into the light, by removing the shackles that imprison you. Bradley Love has spelled it out clearly for you. He has covered everything. You can be in no doubt that the illusion created by your controllers is just that – a great illusion. It is a lot to awaken to, but it has to be done.

Veronica has many tapes of our conversations after I left Earth and passed to spirit. I was shocked to see the extent of the corruption, yet I lived on Earth unaware of most of it. John Mack also talked with Veronica about the terrible corruption he saw from the spirit side of life that he was completely unaware of when on Earth [Very interesting tapes]. I told Veronica then, that the doors of the Vatican had to be closed. Ten years ago, she did not think that would ever happen. Now, you will see this happen in the not too distant future.

Your world will recover from all that was done to it. All the deals made with off-world entities will become null and void. You will start afresh with a clean slate and you will avoid all the pitfalls of the past. Everything will be in the open. Humanity will live in peace. Those who do not belong on Earth will have to leave. This will happen. The awakening cannot be stopped, for no matter how many obstacles are put in its way, it will happen. Hiding your head in the sand will not protect you. This is something that everyone on Earth has to face and deal with. Attacking the messenger will not protect you. Facts will have to be faced very soon.

Are you open enough to receive TRUTH and ENLIGHTENMENT and work towards a world of peace for all? Those of the light need to protect themselves as attacks increase and they come from all quarters. The Ashtar Virus is getting into many. It finds your weak spot and uses you. It fights to hold on to control and it will not accept defeat easily.

They have been planning this takeover for 2000 years. They are not happy to accept defeat and leave your planet. For 2000 years they had humanity under control and living in fear, as the banks created more and more problems for those trying to survive life on Earth. Their laboratories produced viruses to attack humanity and they also produced vaccinations to cull the population. Where is your freedom of choice in all this? You pay taxes that are used to poison your water, your food, and your air. Have you ever given this serious consideration?

Withdraw your consent, as Bradley advised, and do so every day. They cannot harm you without your consent. It is extremely important that you understand this. Let it be your first step in taking back control of your lives. Freedom will not be handed to you on a plate, you have to earn it. The future can be everything you wish it to be. So plan for it, work towards it, and prepare for it.

Ireland is the KEY that will unlock everything. The big change will begin there, and all other countries will follow. The true history of Ireland that will be revealed will remove all the control of the Cabal. The enormity of the LIES that you have been taught will shock and disgust you. We have asked for your help to create Centres, where new methods of producing food and energy, etc, will be taught. People will need to forget all that they have been taught. They will start life again, without the masters of deceit who controlled every aspect of their lives. Your future is in your hands, so handle it with care.

The natural energy of your planet will be restored. We have been able to help you release the trapped energy from the ley lines. This was the first step to taking back control. Look at what has been achieved since you began releasing this energy on the 2 February. Your work on releasing this energy will take its place in the history of the New Age of Enlightenment. Please continue this work, as it is appreciated on both sides of life. When you take responsibility into your own hands, you can achieve a great deal.

Every day, you learn more about how you are kept in control, and how every aspect of your life is controlled. If you read about such control in a horror story, you would not believe it possible. Now, do you see how cleverly it is done. You are told that everything is done for your benefit, when clearly IT IS NOT. When humanity says NO to all this intrusion into life on Earth, then you will see the controls lifted.

Do you have what it takes to do this? You could end the nightmare of life on Earth as it is lived now. You owe it to your children to ensure that all corruption is removed and all war stopped immediately. Just stop believing the LIES. Become who you are. We thank all who share the truth with others, in order to help humanity awaken. You are almost there.

My dear, it was tough. It just goes to show how desperate they are. Assistance is coming from many quarters. You are never alone.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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