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“We Are Not Distant From You” – Grandmothers August Message

"This week I went to the Great Council of the Grandmothers and asked, “Grandmothers what is the most Important message people need to hear from you right now?” Here is their response.

“We are not distant from you,” they responded, boring into my eyes with theirs. “We are not apart from you. We are so present that at this moment we are breathing with you. At this moment,” they repeated. “You are one with us and hold the power of the Divine Feminine,” they reminded me. “You are the pure, loving energy of Yin and so are we. You are that just as we are that.”

Giving me a loving smile, they said, “Close your eyes and call on us. Let yourself drop into contact with us. We are always with you but you have forgotten this,” they said, and because you have forgotten, you continue to pray, beseech, and beg us or other forms of God to hear you. We hear you,” they said. “We hear you loud and clear. How could we not when we are present within you? At this very moment we are breathing you,” they laughed, “can anyone be closer than breath?

“Why do you persist in believing that God is distant from you?” they asked. “Separate from you? Above you? Somewhere off in the distance? Where do these crazy ideas come from? They don’t come from us,” they said, shaking their heads. “So where do they come from? Who tells you that you are separate from God? And why do you continue to believe such a miserable fantasy?

“We know the truth,” they said, “and deep in your heart you also know the truth. The truth is this: it is not possible for God’s creation to be separated from God. Creator and creation are always linked. God in whatever form you love is with you at every moment of your life.

“So stop this charade right now,” the Grandmothers said, wagging their fingers. “Stop it!” they laughed. “We are here!!!! We stand with you, we sit with you, sleep with you, ride in the car with you, work with you, laugh and cry with you. We are always with you,” they said, “so when you persist in telling yourself you are alone, you couldn’t be more wrong.

“Let’s start now to have some fun together,” they said. “Begin by acknowledging our presence and once you’ve done that, keep doing it throughout the day. We are always with you,” they said, “don’t you get it? And because we are always with you, you might as well pay attention to us. Talk to us,” they said, “sing to us, complain to us, love us and allow us love you. We’re here all the time,” they said, “and although you can continue to ignore us, we could instead start having some wonderful times together. We could get busy doing the things that need doing,” they said. Then they flung their hands in the air, threw back their heads and cried, “Enough of this separation nonsense!”

To learn more about the message of the Great Council of the Grandmothers and how to work with the Net of Light that holds the earth, go to A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak or Our Love Is Our Power: Working With the Net of Light that Holds the Earth. http://grandmothersspeak.com/online-store2/And to find more, look for Net of Light on the Grandmothers’ archived messages."

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