torsdag 19. september 2013

Adapting to the Higher Light - ARCTURIAN MESSAGE - v/Suzanne Lie

Are you feeling exhausted everyday?
Is your short-term memory shot?
Do you only want to do what you WANT to do?
Do you often feel dizzy, spacey and lazy?
Do you avoid 3D tasks until it is almost too late?
Do you only want to relax, meditate, be in nature, be creative and visit friends and loved ones?

If the answer is yes, you too are in the arduous process of adapting to the higher light.


"Actually this light is not just higher it is multidimensional. To make things more difficult you can only perceive energy fields of light that resonate to the same frequency as your consciousness. Therefore, to consciously perceive the higher frequencies of light, you need to allow your multidimensional thinking to take precedence over the old-fashioned third dimensional thinking.

This somewhat hostile take over of your mind by your brain is creating a tug-of-war about what reality "should" you chose to perceive. Of course, the take over is actually not hostile, and in fact, it is filled with unconditional love. Problem is, if our consciousness is not resonating to a higher dimension, we cannot feel the unconditional love. In stead, we can only feel the struggler we are having between our wounded ego and our higher SELF.

Again, the change of the guard is only a struggle through the perspective of the lower consciousness of your wounded ego. From the higher consciousness of your higher SELF, you are living in peace, joy, gratitude and unconditional love.

The question is, why these two parts of your self talk to each other.
The answer is, because your wounded ego does not even know your higher SELF exists."   forts.

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