fredag 27. september 2013

FOCUS ON THE FAIRY WORLD - by Mab, through Susan

"I am Mab, known as the Queen of the Fairies.  In that capacity I have the overview, not only of the latest developments and evolvements in the Fairy World, but of all that is happening in the entire Elemental Kingdom.  In addition, since the opening of the portal,**  we are connected with all of the kingdoms of Planet Earth, below, on and above. 

"So on this day in your time, I would like to re-state, to all of you wondrous beings in the human bodies, our invitation to you to come and dance with us from the Fairy World.  We are indeed in Ascension status with you, and as you progress, so do we. Most importantly, we come closer to you as you raise in your vibrations, for we can assure you that we have always lived in Joy, even when it was necessary to part, or separate from you, in order that we might not be persecuted.  We have maintained our lifestyles, with music, song and dance a-plenty, even while you were in the depths of the low vibrational dark energies.  And so now you have raised yourselves up sufficiently for our kingdoms to be re-united, and we shall never again be apart.

"So please, Beloved Ones, if you haven't already been to your favorite sacred spaces to commune with us, please do so.  Make it a regular habit, if you are so inclined.  We have much to offer you in the way of Joy Unlimited, and we are so anxious to be in close connection with you!  You have always been in our hearts, and we have so looked forward to our re-connection.  Now that it is done, we ask you to welcome us back into your hearts, and to feel all the Love that we have to share with you.

"You in human bodies have been through so many travails throughout the eons of your lives here on Planet Earth, and now it is time for you to frolic and be in total Joy, as we all continue upon this fabulous journey into the higher dimensions of Love and Peace. So, do take some time out from your busy lives to come into your garden or any place you hold sacred, for we are everywhere you are upon the planet, and let yourself bask in the Joy and Delight of our re-union.  And so it is, WE ARE!"

**The portal to the Kingdom of the Elementals was opened on June 20th, 2009, at Bushwillows, California by Ashtar, Pan and the Ashtar Family.

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