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The Journey Inwards, Sep 2013

"It has been some while since I last blogged. And now, when I come to write, words seem un-important. But I want to give some word, some news, some ponderings, so here I am.

The journey of late has taken me from maya (work and worldly challenges) to great introspection, rather like the time when the maya (illusion) of roles became obvious to me before and were acutely felt some years ago. The desire to deeply know Truth has erupted like a volcano, again. The turn inwards has been the one satisfying thing. The thirst for That, knows no end. And I have seen, again, that there is nothing in this world that can satisfy nor sustain any satisfaction. Only the discovery of the Changeless Essence we are, can do that. And this is an inner journey, not outer. All identifications and attachments to outer forms (people, possessions, ideas, goals, accolades) will in the end crumble at our own feet of dissatisfaction. It does not matter how much, how many, how far, how right or how intelligent…..all of these will ultimately dissatisfy.

The only thing to do is to abide in Awareness / the state of the Absolute

To cite more details, I found myself greatly challenged by what is needed in this life of society – to make money, to have these sorts of wordly affairs in order, the area of work and so on. It was a needed stage. I had found that after the initial ‘total glimpse’ of Truth that occurred previously, I had clung on to that, but it was becoming a story – ego. I found myself in intellectual debate about which teachers were ok, and which were not, what spiritual awakening was and what it was not. In this debate – an intellectual analysis – Truth had become obscured. Yet that which had been shown to me in its full glory previously never went away completely, but its light became more and more diminished by the mind’s activity.

The space beyond pleasure and pain is where you will find happiness."   forts.

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