mandag 16. september 2013

Astrologi: "By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on September 3rd, 2013

Planet Alert September 2013 
"Summer is almost over and it is back to school time. I just love the fall season with the warm days and the cool nights, and the beautiful colorful trees. It is a sight to behold. Even though the energy is very intense, if you take the time to smell the flowers you will be able to find peace within your heart. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.

The energy of the first two weeks of September has a very strong negative feel to it. Mars will be moving into a square with Saturn the first week of September. Today, September 2 the moon is in Leo along with Mars, and this aspect makes a 90 degree angle to Saturn. Mars has been considered the planet of war and Saturn the planet of karma. Mars will be in an exact square with Saturn on September 9th when Congress is scheduled to reconvene to decide if we will go to war with Syria.

The new moon on September 5 at 4:36 AM PDT is the day of Rosh Hashanah which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. The G-20 Summit meeting will be held on September 5-6 in St Petersburg, Russia. The president of this group is Vladimir Putin. This meeting will be a good time for the world leaders to express what they think about the United States possibly attacking Syria. Remember Syria is backed by Russia, China, and Iran.

This event is not only about Syria, it is a confrontation between the United States and Russia. I heard that Russia has suggested that a group of Russian leaders are willing to come to the United States and talk with our congress to discuss this event. This is an interesting turn of events although I don’t know when, or if, this might happen.

The planet Mars will be opposing Pluto, by declination, until the middle of September. In fact, it will be exact on September 13-14 when the moon will trigger that energy. We have been walking between two worlds for a long time and we have definitely reached the end, and the new beginning.  Will the new world separate from the old world, and is it time to start living totally on the new Earth?

We have reached a turning point. It is time for change. We have been playing out the Moses drama since October 6, 1973 when Egypt attacked Israel and the headlines of the Seattle Times said “The war of judgment has started.” This is because it started on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. This holiday will occur on September 14th this year, and will complete the 40 years we have spent in the wilderness.  Symbolic of course as are most Bible prophecies."     forts.

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