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Warts And All After Awakening - by REENA on AUGUST 25, 2013

“Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water…after enlightenment chop wood, carry water.” -  Zen Saying

"The trouble with our perception of awakening is that after the initial bliss and euphoria our expectation can be that life will now be blissful and contented constantly, and life will be easy.  This isn’t just an expectation within spiritual awakening or non-duality circles, but rather human attachment to the idea of a better life (a better ‘me’) which presents itself constantly, and in a myriad of ways, through our thoughts, wishes, desires, hopes and dreams. They can be dreams on any level, and the spiritual is not excluded from this.

Awakening is no solution to anything

But our lives are imperfect and no human being is perfect. And awakening is not magic.

Awakening is simply the seeing of the truth of oneness / wholeness beyond our addiction to beliefs about ourselves and others.  Beyond our idea of a separate, solid individual that must be proven in some way. It is the seeing of that vastness without which none of the beliefs would arise.

Awakening deeply affects all aspects of ourselves – mental, emotional, physical. The energetic shift can be quite amazing and can render changes in us that are profound, healing and utterly indescribable. But regardless of its amazingness, this initial shift does seem to calm down. The fact is that awakening is incredible, yet it is not a miracle solution for the challenging human aspects of our lives – relationships, work, health, finances, loss, death. Whilst our perception of these aspects change radically upon awakening, in and of themselves they remain the same. Hence the wood still needs chopping, or in more contemporary terms, the dishes still need to be cleaned."    forts.

Can one remain in permanent bliss?

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