mandag 16. september 2013

Special Message from President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, May 28, 2013*

"Greetings my fellow citizens of Planet Earth. Ah, yes, that was my dream and I carried the Light for it, bright and shining!** I had risen to the office of President because I knew that I had things to do.

"Now, you must know that I was born into a very powerful family which had close ties with the ones you call the illuminati. I chose to come in to this family because I knew that I could be a bridge between the directions that they chose to take the world into -the deep, dark abyss of war, for one, in order to further profit, as if they didn’t already have vast quantities of wealth. And they were engaging already in Vietnam, in Africa and in other places around the Planet and they were calling upon our young men from our country of The United States of America, and indeed from the countries all over the world, to become involved and engaged.

"But let me go back to the election because there are rumors, and I wish to acknowledge them. I allowed certain things to take place in order to get elected to the office. And I know there were some pay-offs and bribes, particularly in Chicago and New York City. My family organized and arranged some of this. The unions, almost all of them got out the vote for me.

"It was entirely necessary for me to become President in order to not have, what you might call, a runaway train in the directions that the illuminati had already initiated. In other words, as it turned out, I was able to slow that train somewhat! I was able to bring forth great openings of Hearts. Some of you were there. Some of you have seen movies of the anti-war protests - young people marching in the streets, young people, in some cases, giving their lives at home, being wounded because they were met with violence. Some were killed – remember Kent State - some went to prison because they refused to go to war.

"All are Profiles in Courage who sacrificed in order that this might reach the vision of the World, in order that the World might start waking up. Yes, there have been other wars and conflicts. There have been atrocities, genocides, false imprisonments, torture, and all of these things that you know about have occurred since I was President, but the seeds, or the foundations, or you might say the candles, were lit.

"Candles were lit in the darkness in support of my Mission. And there were other dreams and visions which I carried - I and my brothers, despite the assassinations, even of my own son, who was determined to start telling the Truth in his magazine. But these assassinations served a purpose because there were those who vowed to take up the torch, to keep the candles lit, and to continue the dreams! And so I offer my thanks and gratitude to all who have fallen to uphold and support and further these visions, and to all of those who remained in Earthly bodies, because now is the time for those visions to actually become your reality!!!"   forts.

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