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Healing to Whole: from de to re-generation (part I) BY LAUREN ON AUGUST 9, 2013 · 222 COMMENTS · IN THE 5D REPORT

"Is it really August?  Not that I have any gauge left of time, but I swear it was just spring here in NY.  And what a lovely spring it was. 

The good news is, after 3 months of mental stagnancy, and since the Lions Gate opened at the end of July,  I feel like I have  f i n a l l y  broken thru to some new level information.  It has been an excruciating passage without access to more expanded concepts, but I imagine that I needed to tidy up some loose DNA strands in order to be capable to receive higher level intelligence…and even tho I am always sort of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I am pretty sure it was worth the pain.

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Healing vs Wholing

Since July, the Pleiadians have been telling me that we are at the crossover point between the unmanifest and manifest (new) world of (co)creation and part of that “crossing over”, as it relates to our biological perfection, requires leaving behind the 3D construct of healing.  In fact, I am hearing that those currently ensouling themselves must now transcend the idea of “healing” altogether and as a whole.  

That which you call “healing” is not really possible in 5D … for in unity, all is perfected in its purity. The reason that healing is not the way forward is because the act of healing is originated in imperfection.  To assume that one is in need of healing is to assume that one is in an imperfect state…which is counterproductive by these standards.
Perfection in this case is the state of completeness, of wholeness, where one operates from the “blueprint of perfection”…the level of understanding that nothing is ever truly wrong, or missing, only the perception of such makes it so. - PHC.  According to the council, the “healing” paradigm is based on the 3-4D linear time model, which they call the de-generation matrix, whereas “wholing” is based on the 5D cyclical model, which they call the re-generation matrix…the former based in scarcity, the latter, abundance.

To heal is to reduce our thinking to a temporal level of linearity…of finite (mortality) versus infinite (immortality).  This paradigm shift is a requirement to whole, for without it we reinforce/maintain our connection to the 3D template and continue to create our reality according to the triple D’s: dis-ease, decay & ultimately death…which is so last year. 

As we release our connection to this (3D) linear healing model, we are also being encouraged to understand that just like the whole journey to arrive here, incremental wellness is not necessarily the process of resurrection, which is cyclical…so don’t lose heart."   forts.

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