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Newsletter jeshua.net - September 2013

Dear friends,

"Jeshua explains the relationship between “you” and “your soul”. Your soul is not something outside of you, you are part of it. But the soul does transcend earth reality and therefore holds a bigger perspective on life. Connecting with your soul makes you aware of this perspective and gives you a sense of purpose. Jeshua explains how deep contact with your soul is marked by a sense of peace and tranquillity. In this state, you are not very emotional, nor do you think much. Rather, there is a deep and quiet knowing which energetically resides in your abdomen.

Jeshua points out how there is also a more superficial connection with your soul, a kind of half-way connection, which may bring you visions and intuitive impressions, but may leave you imbalanced. Sensitive people easily reach out and tune into other people’s emotions for example. Lightworkers often fall in love with visions of the future which impassion them. If your connection with your soul is not fully grounded, i.e. attuned to the here-and-now, you risk feeling disappointed and disillusioned after a while. That is why Jeshua stresses the need for deep and full contact with the soul.

Two types of darkness

There are two types of darkness: darkness one is about the outer events such as illness, divorce, etcetera that bring us sorrow, pain or disappointment. Darkness two is about our response to these outer events. Basically, we can say yes or no to what happens to us. Darkness one brings deep and intense emotions. It is natural to resist these at first; no one wants to feel sad, desperate or fearful. However, when we persist in saying “no” to what our life path brings us, when we refuse to surrender to the emotions rising within us, we fall into darkness two and this can turn into a much graver problem than darkness one. Jeshua speaks of both types of darkness and he shows us how we all to some extent have fallen into darkness two. Given the way most of us were raised, we have all become reluctant to really feel our deepest emotions and this resistance has stifled the natural flow of life in us. Jeshua offers suggestions to unlock our spontaneous and original state of being.

Personally, I (Pamela) have experienced in 2009 and 2010 what it is like to feel completely cut off from life, as I went through a deep depression and psychosis which lasted over 5 months. (In the end, I was hospitalized and recovered very well in the spring of 2010). During that time, I felt dead inside and I deeply wished I could feel emotions again, but it seemed impossible. Depression is the pinnacle of darkness two. I have recently published a book on this subject in The Netherlands, which I hope to translate and publish in English next year."


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