mandag 1. juli 2013

You are expanding and becoming more YOU ... and it's changing everything.

"Hello and welcome! I'm Meredith Murphy, the founder of Expect Wonderful. I'm so happy you're here! Expect Wonderful exists to assist you in remembering and claiming the fullness of your being. I am a channel, writer, artist and guide.  I share my gifts of channeling higher dimensional energies and transmitting messages to ignite your inner knowing. Expect Wonderful articles, energy updated, events and programs are offered to remind you of your innate capacities, provide you with pathways to open more fully to who you are, opportunities to share that new way of being with others and together, to create new ways of living on Earth.

I know beyond a doubt, that we were meant for JOY. Bliss even. Happiness and ease. Uninhibited creativity. Openness and curiosity. Confident knowing. Playfulness. Exquisite moments of connection and appreciating beauty. We are designed with the capacity to access energy and information from all of life. And all of life is attentive to our presence, inviting us to dance. We're remembering all of this, in essence, remembering how to live directly as the true divine being we actually are, while in our human form.

All of life is experiencing this upliftment -- planetary consciousness is evolving and ascending as are all forms of life on Earth. In this dynamic dance, we are profoundly supported and guided. Our own higher dimensional aspects, the continuum of our being, is increasingly present, expanding our embodiment, and the angels, archangels and ascended masters, along with many star families, are supporting our experience on the ascending energy arc. We only need give our permission for these energies to enter our lives more fully, more consciously, with more prominence and more expansion, to empower this experience.

As we open to our own life this way, inviting our fullness, our higher self, our soul, our cosmic presence, our universal self, our I AM presence into our human energy system, we embody our divinity. As we question things we've always thought were so, we create the openings for a different experience.

As the energetic vibration of our own bodies, and all of life on Earth rises, denser, lower energy things are increasingly not that interesting to us. We find ourselves not paying attention to that which we don't resonate with. This is happening gradually for some, quickly for others -- depending on how much we listen and allow our inner knowing to show us. As a result of withdrawing our energies from the old, and paying more attention to what's present, to how we're feeling, to what's showing up within us and emerging, the lower vibrational things in our world are falling apart.

You've noticed this, of course. Things you thought would last forever have already disappeared or fallen apart. You yourself are changing and feeling things that are new, different. Things you find amazing and can hardly put into words. Letting go of things might be very challenging. You may find yourself realizing it's hard to trust yourself as what you feel inside grows stronger and you're learning still how to listen and orient there. In relationships, people you used to connect with, you now don't know how to connect with or perhaps the connection has simply faded. Overall, there is a growing desire for more alignment, for life to fit you better. For your own life to meet your heart's desires. For ease to show up and happy to be the norm. All these changes are showing you, you're expanding, you're remembering your innate capacities! Your life is getting bigger and more and more of You is coming forth. This can be really joyful if you can trust yourself to move through what you'll eventually slough off and open to the sparkly newness that's pushing forth. If you resist your own knowing, this may generate big challenging emotions. Inhibited self-expression isn't without consequences. When I was a consultant we used to call it the "cosmic boot" when life catches up to push you forward after you've resisted your own life for too long.

If you're somewhat new to these rapid experiences of change, you may find yourself thinking, "enough already!" If you're familiar with these cycles of shift and release, you may be really loving the ride, and experiencing the feeling of more and more joy. If you have been on the awakening path in earnest for a while, you likely have met other very loving people who are also experiencing this incredible opening. The experience of connecting with others and also with angels, and guides, star families and animals and the Earth in new and yet very deeply familiar ways, is exhilarating and empowering. You may even be tuned to the new harmonics of consciousness more and more, finding yourself in a sustained, gentle, steady vibration of love and living your life in entirely new ways that give you great bliss!

Whatever your current experience, know that no one on Earth is un-affected by this enormous shifting stream of change taking place in our world. And in fact, this change is happening within our galaxy, our Universe--it's far bigger then our world actually.

What's happening is entirely natural and you can open to it with confidence and allow your own inner being to guide you, showing you how it all works and opening you to incredible joy, ease, abundance and clarity.

All in all, lovely one, it's truly time to expect more.

And so I formally encourage you and invite you to open to your true being, the real you. The one that feels familiar and persists in your life. Why not just be you?

In my experience, true being is the pathway to exceptional joy. Living our own life, a life of directness and openness, we can Expect Wonderful. Living this way, our brilliant presence can summon opportunities and openings to greater expression and happiness and our joy and attention can acknowledge and bless everyone, everything and All That Is, elevating life as we know it.

If you're already living this way, you will be smiling in knowing at much of what I've shared here. Please drop me a note and say hello! ( )

As we each open to the fullness of all that we are, we also open to the world, and when we shift into this state of spaciousness and divine embodiment, wonderful things appear in our experience.

Welcome to Expect Wonderful. A playground of sorts, within these new ways of being and experiencing life. A place to meet others on this amazing path of awakening and remembering our true nature.

May you find amidst the programs, events, invitations, channeled messages, articles and sharing here, that which perfectly meets you, inspiring and supporting you as you open more and more to all that you are. I am blessed by your presence and connection."

Thank you!

With love and appreciation,

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