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Ranjit, the future Buddha of Unity, speaks with the lightness of an 8 year old child and the wisdom of the Buddha

"This Monday we speak to Ranjit, who has come in wide awake as the Buddha of Unity (Maitreya is known as the Buddha of Love). Ranjit comes in the line of Sanat Kumara, who incarnated as Dipankara, the Buddha to whom Gautama confessed his desire to be a Buddha.  Ranjit is presently eight years old and lives in India.

Because we have pre-recorded this interview to serve while Linda recuperates from her surgery, we already can report on what Ranjit will tell us.

He tells us that it's difficult to be born wide awake into a planet that is not.  While for us the problem is to awaken, for him the problem has been to exist among people who are not awake.

He has also chosen to be born outside the majority faith so as to be different in the outer trappings and illustrate the need for unity. He describes how his parents are concerned to educate him but do not recognize the education he already has and the knowledge he was born with.  And yet, as one of the new children, he also describes how he trusts his parents, whom the Divine Mother has entrusted him to.

He advises us not to smother the flame of the new children with our protectiveness. To do so might cause the children to leave. He encourages us to recognize that the new children travel interdimensionally and converse with unseen friends. They are here to demonstrate what our lives can be like.

Let me stop here and leave it to Ranjit to describe the rest of his mission, as we meet the new Buddha among the returning masters.

Listen live each Monday at 8pm ET by calling in or by clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show."

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