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Divine Discussions: Final Golden Age - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final Golden Age: Archangel Michael, Adama, Lord Sananda, Saint Germain   

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Interviewed by Joel D. Anastasi

"Greetings, beloveds, from the Archangelic realm of Michael in concert with Adama from the Inner Earth realms, Lord Sananda of the Christ Consciousness realms and beloved Saint Germain of the Ascended Master realms.
We all gather today to talk about your next and final Golden Age on planet Earth. Dear ones, you’ve all chosen to be here whether you are aware of it or not to participate in one of the most exciting adventures your planet has gone through in millennium. You have gone through six previous ages, which have had their life and death, if you will, as a result of their connection and disconnection to source. Now it is your destiny, now it is your blueprint, now it is your divine right, dear ones, to go into your final Golden Age, which will allow a permanent connection to source.
We would also like to talk about what America, the United States, and the Americas at large really mean within this journey into your final Golden Age. Dear ones, what you call America was once what you called your Garden of Eden. What was integrated into the geographic location and energetic field and vortex of what you call the United States was and continues to be the Garden of Eden, which is being reactivated at this particular time in a process you know as ascension—ascension of yourselves from inside out in concert with the ascension of your planet. For both of you to return to the beings, the eternal beings, the immortal beings of a light that you are, dear ones.
Oh, what an extraordinary journey this has been. So what is the meaning, value and purpose of this United, this Union of States called America?  What does the word “union” mean? What does the word “united,” mean, dear ones? It means the connection of your divine selves with source, with the creator. It is not the United States; it is the “united divinity” of you in combination with the source that maintains and sustains and creates you.
What is happening now is a reactivation, a rebooting, a new downloading through various portals and vortices within your continental United States to assist humanity in clearing and cleansing your duality, your separation, your confrontation, your wars and, through the resonance of this, to allow the entire planet to go into this final Golden Age. That is your destiny.
This was most recently reflected in the forefather’s documents, which founded the United States of America. Your forefathers and we—Michael, Saint Germain, Lord Sananda and others—gathered in concert to inspire your forefathers with the documents, your Bill of Rights, your Constitution, these wonderful papers, and to give such individuals as George Washington the inspiration to know the destiny of this particular country called America.
So how exactly will this take place? It will take place through a clearing and cleansing of the selfish, if you will, consciousness of humanity, which has kept you in separation and limitation to allow you to go into a constructive endeavor of self that will be reflected to the entire world."   forts.

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