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Opening your Third Eye with Archangel Raziel, by Sharon Taphorn - July 13. 2013

"Everyone has the ability to see with their third eye. For some of you it was closed off as a child by yourselves or others because you or they did not understand it, feared what you saw, or told you it was just your imagination. Truthfully imagination is the key to unlocking and understanding the messages, colours and symbols you receive via your third eye.  This is a splendid time to work on opening up your third eye and enhancing the visions you receive so that you can trust more in what lies ahead as well as offering you a greater understanding of your life and how to make the best choices for yourself in your now.

When your third eye is open you will receive visions and messages such as shapes, colours, symbols, movies, dreams and pictures. You will also notice these messages with your physical eyes in the form of recurring sequences of numbers such as 444, 144, 1212, 1111 as well as symbols like coins, feathers, rainbows, clouds, animal spirits, and more. Your guides and angels try to communicate with you in ways that you will understand at your present time. 

Be open each day to expanding your clairvoyance and ask your angels to send you a message to let you know that you are on the best path and that you will understand and know that it is a gift from spirit, and you will receive a sign. As you third eye opens you may also see flashes of light, moving objects and even beings from other realms although the latter is less common at first, and with practice you too can see more than meets the eye. Once that awareness has been opened up, and you begin to see beyond the 3D, the beauty and the images will amaze you.

Be patient with yourself and the process. For some of you it will be easy, for others it takes a bit longer and it might take some processing and releasing of past experiences from this life and others. Flex your psychic muscles and practice using your 3rd eye in all aspects of your life by setting your intent each day to receive a message, insight or vision to help you lead and live your life as a co-creator with the Divine and be open to the experience.

When you begin to work with your third eye chakra, you might find that your third eye tingles, feel itchy, or even sore. Also, you might feel pressure or a head ache if you are holding in too much energy in your head. When this happens, close your eyes and ask your angels to help you. Call upon Archangel Raphael for healing and call upon me and my league of helper angels to help you learn to release this energy and let it flow.  Use a crystal such as clear quartz or selenite to help enhance your visions and enjoy the process that is unfolding. If you find that too much is going on at times, ask your angels to dial it back a bit and regain your footing.  You will learn to adjust and have more control as you practice.

So, let us take a moment now and begin to ignite your pineal gland and open it to the higher realms as we begin to attune you and open up your third eye once again. Close your eyes and call upon my light to open up your crown chakra and then your third eye. As I stand behind you and begin my work, you should begin to feel activity in your third eye and visions of colour and light swirling about like the energy of the cosmos and tingling or activity in your crown as well. Release any fears and let the process unfold and feel the warmth flow over you as our work is done. For those who are eager for more, place a piece of lapis lazuli on your third eye or wear or carry the stone with you when you are working with enhancing this sense. Clear quartz with all the beautiful colours of the rainbow can also help you connect and each beautiful crystal holds within it a message that you can begin understand as you work with opening your abilities to sense and see more.   

Allow the process to unfold at your own speed. There is no hurry; there is no race. Envision your third eye unfurling like the petals of a lotus blossom and soon you will find that there is so much more to see and experience all around you. Awaken the Magi within you and let the mystical and magical creations begin, Blessed Be my beloveds,  Archangel Raziel."

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