onsdag 3. juli 2013

Noen kommer - noen går ...

"SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The June dates will be the final installment in the Direct Light Series. When we began the Direct Light series, both Elrah and the Keeper of Time wanted a dedicated forum to bring in very important information at a critical time in human evolution.  We did that and they were very successful in that venture and now we are proud to announce that the final installment of that information will be the June 11 & 12 events.

  Both Elrah and the Keeper of Time will still be with us but we are discovering that they have now created newer and better forum structures for the work they have begun doing currently with the  Magnetic Heart Codes which uses activations in each class. (Trying to plan events a year in advance with these fellas has become a bit of a joke around the office these days!)

These final two Direct Light classes are going to be dynamite. Please don’t miss the farewell episodes. They will be jam packed with information for us.

Elrah takes over on June 11 at 6pm.  He will take us home to help us reset and re-member. He will speak about the future of humanity and our physical evolution.

The Keeper of Time takes over on June 12 at 11am.  He has more to tell us about where we are right now and the difficulties that many are feeling adjusting to expansive time."

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