søndag 14. juli 2013

The New Energies Being Laid for The Earth Worker, Sun Worker and Bridger Av Lisa Gawlas

"You ever get to what feels like a really long red light, you don’t want to sit there just parked any longer so you start pressing on the gas to at least rev the engine up? That would be the theme from yesterdays readings…. sorta.  There is so much energy happening. So much building to the next great adventure, but not from you yourself, truly at the soul expression of yourself.

There is an ongoing theme still, that intense radiant white surrounding everyone’s inner life field area.  I cannot see what is taking place inside this area, at least, not yet.  The details that are showing up are all on the outside of that area.  I suppose it would be accurate to say, our soul is laying the groundwork for what is to come.  The human has been parked at the red light, idling.

It took me all day and all night to really understand what we had seen and experienced in the field yesterday.  Again, there was a slight shift in the field and the details and it takes me some time to really assimilate the bigger story.  I realized this morning there were three very different aspects being “readied” on the field.  The Earth worker, the Bridger, and the Sun worker.

The Earth Worker:

My first lady showed up in such an interesting display of light.  Several feet into what I would call her future, at the furthest area of the west side of her field (which also is representing her physical life energy too) was a version of her, only I knew it was her soul energy decked out in biology, showing a balance of the two (human with soul.)  Her soul aspect had this wheel barrow and the moment I connected to her, she moved into the center of my lady’s field, directly where that large glowing white inner field is, took her hands, started scooping out energy globs from the center field covering, the moment the energy was removed from it’s mass, it started to radiate various colors as she tossed them into the wheel barrow.  She then took the wheel barrow about 10 feet down her center path into her near future and dumped it out on the ground.

Often times for me, it is really difficult for me to understand the fullness of what I am seeing in the moment and I miss giving you details that have yet to come to me in understanding, one huge reason I write these blogs too (smile.)

This glowing white center field area that is constant, at least for now, is a massive co-mingling of your human desires charged with all the feelings you have around those desires, the trigger codes that will manifest the desire into our created life (a blue print of manifestation so to speak) and the soul energy/magnetic energy to materialize “that” into y/our created world.  What is also taking place in the areas I cannot see, is the electrical alignment into the heart of your life.  Too quantum an energy for my eyes."   forts.

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