onsdag 3. juli 2013

JUNE 30, 2013 - "Letting go"

"Greetings once again dear ones.  We observe you bursting forth with more  and more light as you awaken to truth and begin to live it in your daily lives.  We observe no reaction to many issues that previously would  have  upset you--you are beginning to experience a non- resonance with all that you are ready to leave behind. 

Everything is energy and when your relationship with something or someone works, it means you are vibrating at the same rate. When an individual's energy level changes, he often no longer  resonates with those same people, foods, entertainments, news, etc. and is  no longer on the same "wave length" so to speak. Spiritual growth is the process of evolving out from under the dense and heavy energies of separation and duality consciousness and into the higher lighter frequencies of truth.
Some in ignorance of what is happening, struggle to  restore what they no longer resonate with, thinking that there must be a problem within  causing them  to no longer enjoy or  believe the way they used to. This is not a problem, but a graduation dear ones, and  simply reflects a shift in the energy from what you are used to (3D concepts and beliefs)  to what is now awakening  (truth of who and what you are).  This is what you have been asking for dear ones, so please do not be afraid to let go of anything and everything that no longer resonates with you no matter how much it has been a part of your life up to this point.  

We hear many say; "What, my marriage, my family, just let them go?" No, letting go means letting go of your concepts about these things.  It means a conscious choice to  remove any energetic cords still holding you in bondage to concepts of persons, places or situations--it is spiritual awareness, and then a living out from that awareness.  This may or may not result in the ending of some relationships because awareness brings with it a sense of detachment even within ones family.  Issues that seemed very important, simply no longer resonate and this is often difficult to accept for those who have always known you in a certain way."   forts.

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