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22nd July 2013: Full Moon in Aquarius - Decompression the Cosmic Way - A message from Sarah Varcas

"This is the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius making the second (20th/21st August) an auspicious astrological Blue Moon. In an attempt to clear the air ready for this lunar event, the current Full Moon brings us a veritable energy blast, filled with the electrical power of its ruler Uranus who is now moving retrograde in Aries.

This is not the most comfortable of Moons. There’s some irritation here and a building inner pressure which may cause us to feel what I can only describe as compressed. Think of the pressure within an aerosol can and this’ll give you an idea of the energies around us right now. We want to break out and be free, explode into life, but instead we have to squeeze ourselves through this little nozzle to get into open air. And we all know what damage aerosols can do…

The good thing is this pressure has a powerfully creative element to it if we allow it expression rather than seek only to confine it. If we feel it building inside us this is a sure sign that something needs to be acknowledged and expressed, no matter how much we may prefer that it politely go away. This Moon helps us with this expression if we’ll let her, and if we won’t she’ll just call upon Uranus to do it for us anyway, so far better we step up to the plate and take responsibility for our own personal decompression chamber and begin to release some of it bit by bit.

It may be anger, frustration, impatience, jealousy, despair… so many emotions we’d rather not have and yet which seem to take up so much energy when they come upon us. This Moon is triggering them now, not to torture us with our inner demons but to show us how their compressed energy inside of us is just about ready to explode. 

There’s nowhere left for it to go except outward. It will tolerate forced containment no more, which is why we need to stay alert to our feelings and behaviour at this Full Moon, not allowing the polarisation of blame and attack, judgement and conflict. Instead we are all united in a process of decompression during which we can breathe out fully and allow all this pressured, built up energy inside us to gradually release. 

We may need to do something physical to assist with it: walking, dancing, running. We may prefer to sit quietly and watch it disperse. We may need to act it out, write it out, sing it out. Whatever’s necessary to release the energy we must be prepared to do with awareness and the intention that its expression contribute to the highest good of us all."

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