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Summer Bacon "You can't fill up anyone else's cup until yours is runneth-ing over!" — Dr. Peebles

"You can't fill up anyone else's cup until yours is runneth-ing over!"  —Dr. Peebles

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of universal truths?

Craving down-to-earth spiritual guidance for everyday life?

Are you ready to put yourself into the equation of life?

Find the answers in this vast collection of timeless guidance by the beautiful spirit, Dr. James Martin Peebles, and his Trance Medium, Summer Bacon (her birth name), who is considered to be one of the clearest channels of our time. Since 1994, Summer has channeled the wisdom of Dr. Peebles for thousands of people from all walks of life.

From the mystical to the pragmatic, Dr. Peebles addresses all issues that touch our lives. As he explains, "this is a school called planet earth," where we are learning how to love and be loved.

What sets Dr. Peebles apart from other spirits is that he actually lived a human life, from 1822-1922. He was a naturopath, medical doctor, Spiritualist minister, U.S. Consulate to Turkey, and a prolific writer who traveled the world five times. So, he teaches with a "been there, done that" depth of understanding. He not only addresses our questions and concerns from a heavenly perspective, he does it in a practical, down-to-earth way. He understands that we are profoundly human at times. He understands our pain and how easy it is for us to become mentally, emotionally or physically entangled in confusion as we venture through this life. Bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance through tangible and clear spiritual teachings. Become personally empowered as the creator of your own reality.

Dr. Peebles will teach you how to speak your truth with the language of the heart. He will guide you in understanding the very essence of who you are; in understanding and acknowledging your own special qualities, gifts, and talents. (Which, as he says, is not being self-centered, it's about being centered in yourself!)  forts.

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